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Financial Update 3/4/09

One of the main reasons I started this site was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading!  Boy, have I failed (go ahead and yell at me…its cool).

Right now I am focusing on debt repayment, when that is over I will work on pumping up my savings and I will share those numbers with everyone.

8/1/08 3/6/2009
Citicard#1 $141.99 $0
Discover #1 $1,758.30 $0
CitiCard #2 $7,797 $0
Bank of America #1 $1,344.97  $1,361.00
Discover #2 $4,979.02  $4,100.00
Discover #3 $862.70  $495.00
Bank of America #2 $0  $4,100
Totals  $16,883.98 $10,056.00

This is a snap shot right now, there are payments in schedule so the number is a little less.  Most of the debt is at 0% which is great.  Each week I am throwing approximately $150.00 at the debt, and the wife is awesome throwing chunks when she can.  This second I am focused on the Discover #3, as its 0% is ending soon; after that my plan is to eradicate the Bank of America #1 since I got into a fight with them and shut the account.  After that I will have to reasses the situation to determine when each other 0%er is running out and start down the list.

I had a tax appointment but due to weather it was cancelled.  I have it rescheduled for this week HOPEFULLY I will get a kick ass refund and destroy the remaining debt (or at least a huge freaking portion).

Once paid off I want to really focus on increaing the wife ‘s and my cash reserves, as the wife and I will be planning a family soon as well as thinking about moving to a bigger place.  I haven’t decided where that number exactly lies, but I am thinking it will be close to a year’s worth expenses (since it will be made up of both emergency money and saving for a home).  I also really want to get into passive income investing (muni bonds and the like).

It is an exciting time in my life…both positives (coming up on a year being married…talking about children…talking about moving…just great stuff) and negatives (my father having heart surgery…my mother having foot surgery…my father in law dealing with his stuff) – I am just trying to keep my head above all the stress.




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