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Safe Trips During Covid

by My Journey to Millions

The corona virus has caused damage that no one could have imagined or expected. It effected many industries but one that was hurt the most is the travel industry. For a virus that requires you to stay in your home and not leave your immediate area, then traveling is basically out of the question. You may want to take a break from Australian online casino. Recently things have loosened up and the virus has been under control and therefore some travel is permitted. If you are itching to travel and go somewhere, what is the best scenario given the current state of the world. Below are some good ideas you can look into.

Day Trips or Staycations

Don’t discredit a good day trip or staycation. Many things are a car ride away or doable to do in a day. Places are opening to make your experience doable. Restaurants are open, and venues have opened to allow for a good time. Things that can be done are outside attractions (parks, zoos, etc.) and well ventilated or non-crowded places. If you do choose to stay at a hotel, know that many of them are taking extreme measures to ensure your safety. 


Going to the beach is always fun, but it is also a safe option during this time. Fresh air allows you to have your space but still enjoy the beauty and entertainment of the beach.


Similar to going to a beach, camping is done in your own space and outside. There are sites throughout the country and even major cities. There are also different formats available from the bare bones all the way to a glamping trip! You can pretend to be a high roller casino online and get all of the amenities you would at a hotel but in a tent!


In line with the idea of a day trip, a long hike is a great activity to do. You can even go for a longer drive to find a more desirable location. Things like national parks and mountain ranges allow you to see things you may have never seen before.

All of these suggestions are outdoors. That doesn’t mean that things are not open that are indoors, they are still options. Everyone has different comfort levels. If you do choose to travel in an airplane or to another location/country then be sure to be safe. Please follow the proper precautions like wearing a mask and constantly washing your hands. 

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