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Meeting my CPA Tomorrow What Should You Bring when Meeting to do Your Taxes

Well technically, since I am writing this post-12am on Sunday night/Monday morning it is today, but lets ignore that for now.  Weather permitting (anyone else out there on “the island” getting nailed by snow?), the Wife and I are meeting with our accountant/CPA that was recommended by a co-worker, and I need to figure out what I need to bring.

You might ask, with your knowledge of taxes, and the ease of tax software, why are you having someone else do your taxes?  Up until last year, I always did my own taxes, and I will be doing my younger brother’s next weekend hopefully.  However…the wife is a 1099 employee, thus allowing her to take all sorts of tax deductions for running her business out of our house, she also pays quarterlies (estimated quarterly payments to the IRS) and needs quarterly estimates done for her.   So I defer to someone whose profession surrounds doing income taxes day in and day out from Jan 1 to April 15 (and beyond for those that need the extension).

What to Bring when you Meet to do your Taxes?

So I figured I put together a list of things you should bring when meeting with anyone, or alternatively, stuff to get together when you are doing your own taxes:


  • Any work, investment, savings interest or other income documents – i.e. W-2, 1099-Misc, 1099-int, etc.
  • Any retirement plan docs – i.e. your IRA contribution worksheet
  • Records of sales (if you are into ebay, craigs list, etc).


  • The big one – Mortgage Interest and Taxes Paid…you normally get this from your
  • Any student loan interest documents – but remember they aren’t always deductible
  • If you have a home based business (THE WIFE!) then you should bring your floor plan and old electricity and utility bills – This stuff is deductible as to % of your house used for the business

What am I missing? Share!



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