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Save money on motoring! Amazing ways you can cut your car costs

If you’re living on a tight budget right now, you’re not alone. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet and when you’re juggling all your finances and monetary responsibilities, all it takes is one unexpected bill to throw everything out of your hands. 

The best way to stop yourself from plunging into a financial abyss is by going over your budget, creating an emergency fund and revaluating your biggest monthly costs. Which for most people, is their car. It’s not cheap to run a car, yet so many of us depend on them to get us to work, to collect the kids from school and to run errands. Not having a car certainly makes life much more difficult. 

Thankfully, there are ways you can cut your car costs. Read on for how you can save money on motoring!

Take a defensive driving course

One of the biggest driving expenses motorists face is their insurance. But did you know that taking a defensive driving course can potentially reduce your monthly payments? Not only does a DD course highlight that you’re a safer, competent driver but it will also help you spot hazards and potentially avoid a car accident. Something which can also ruin your finances. Speak to this car accident lawyer (based in Florida) if you’ve been in an accident that could have been prevented.  

Keep your trunk empty

Are you carrying around junk in the boot of your car? Heavy items, old furniture or electrical items that you plan to take to the dump at some point? The car is a convenient place to store these things if you want them out of the house, but a heavy boot means more weight. And more weight means you’re using more fuel. Keep your trunk empty as much as possible, and remove your roof-rack when it’s not in use too!

Check your tire pressure

When was the last time you checked the pressure of your tires? If it’s been a while, then you should head to the gas station and check them as right away. If your tires aren’t fully inflated, then you’re using more fuel to get them moving. By simply inflating your tires fully and keeping an eye on them, you’ll get more for your money at the gas pump, and speaking of gas…

Shop around for gas!

Do you always visit the same gas station? What about that one on the other side of town? By shopping around for gas you’re more likely to get a better price. Of course, don’t drive out of your way to get cheaper fuel, that’s pretty pointless, but keep an eye on the cost of gas in those stations closest to you. And if you’re planning a long journey, check out the price of gas on the road.

And finally, wash your car yourself

You might only visit the car wash once a month and treat the car to a full wash, shine and wax. Whatever it costs, it’s going to add up throughout the year! Save yourself some money and simply wash it yourself. Get the kids involved too. 



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