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The Your E-Book Sucks Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update

On January 18, 2011 I decided to start a new way to track my net worth.  I created a private spreadsheet and zeroed out my net worth.  This way I can share my progress each month, going forward without revealing how much is in my savings account, 401(k), etc.

What assets am going to include:

What liabilities am I going to include:

What is missing?

  • Credit Card debt – Don’t have any except a revolving AMEX account so no reason to put it up
  • Checking Accounts – Always changing and moving kept low on purpose so no reason to track it
  • Cars – I have no idea why people count cars as an asset.  Its transportation not an asset.
  • Jewelry – I joke that The Wife’s hand is worth more than my car…but there is NO way anything is being pawned/sold so why list it as an asset?

From February 1, 2011 to March 1, 2011 my net worth increased 5.88%

From January 18, 2011 to March 1, 2011 my net worth has increased 8.71%

While I am happy with these increases, I think I can do better.  The reason I believe I can do better is because half of my increased net worth is based on non-market factors.  Approximately half of my gain is based solely on decreasing my large liabilities, so if I could speed up repayment even more then my net worth would increase that much faster.

Why do Some People Sell Their E-Book?

There has been a topic that has been bugging me for months but it isn’t enough for a complete post so I’ll throw it in with my net worth update.  I don’t understand why some people try and sell e-books?

For example, I received this email a couple days ago.

I was looking to get into the market, read all about it, was keeping up with technology and the news, had newsletters that would reco big deals(usually didn’t work out though). Then I found This Penny Guru Newsletter No Lie, i’ve been steadily pulling 225-250% ROI on the picks i’ve gone it. don’t take my word check it out for yourself!
It may not be too late. Let us be armed, the same as we were the other night,

Ignoring the nonsensical nature of the e-mail…if you are getting 225 – 250% ROI why the hell do you need me or even care if I buy your shitty e-book for $29.95?

Granted, that was an extreme example but how many “I will teach you how to be wealthy” e-books do see advertised on a blog written by someone with $82,000 in credit card debt?  Then there are the “I will Teach You How to Blog” e-books, and at least these aren’t bad since they are teaching a commoditized skill but some make ridiculous claims.

Are there good e-books out there on buying stocks, building wealth and building a monetized blog? 100% but just be careful who is making the claims and what are those claims.  Caveat Emptor.



  1. One of the shortcomings of the Internet is no editorial review. So you can claim almost anything and get a way with it.

  2. I would be very careful of any claim such as that one, ebook, email, direct mail, or cold call….

    I think there are ebooks worth paying for, but it is difficult to sort them out with all the garbage.

    I depend on trusted friends/associates to recommend one before buying.

    Think about it, in truth all the “kindle type books” are ebooks. they just get a legitimate stamp from being on Amazon…

  3. Congrats on your net worth gains. 🙂 Good point about eBooks. Funny, what’s that saying? If you can find a buyer, then keep on selling! Garbage eBooks will be around for a long time because there are suckers parting with their money everyday looking to get rich quick. The question is, would you jump into this mix or make money the old fashioned, honest way?

    • Thanks! I am pretty pumped with the short month of Feb. I don’t think March will be as good.

      Do you mean would I ever create an e-book? Probably not only because I am, for the most part, anonymous and who the hell is going to read an estate planning or wealth building e-book by someone who isn’t willing to put their name on it?

  4. Good post on sucky e-books by sucky authors. But hey, there’s one born every minute.
    With regards to jewelry, we do include Mrs. 101’s gold jewelry as an asset. In much of the world, it’s an asset readily converted into cash.
    I had to laugh abut your comment on your wife’s hand. I’m also fond of saying that when the Mrs. wants to do a strength workout, all she has to do is put on her gold bangles all on one wrist. And they *are* worth more than my truck.

    • Doesn’t it feel ridiculous typing that about the worth of their hands?

      The only reason I don’t count it as an asset is that I couldn’t imagine pawning/selling them (that is unless she stops eyeing the pool boy LOL jk) so why include them.

  5. I have never bought an ebook, and I don’t plan to. I also hate how on, many the articles end up leading you to the author’s crappy ebook.

    I think you are doing great with your net worth increases!

    • I don’t think I have ever been on ezine. Were they one of those farms that got nailed in the last google update?

  6. Well, here’s my case for the eBook (but not necessarily the case for selling them)

    I find books have a certain formality that make learning easier that scouring the web for hours getting little tidbits of the final thought. But that’s only if the book is done right.

    When a blogger puts new and great info into an eBook available and they do it well, they can really show their authority and grow their reach. Depending on how good and hard to find their info is, I don’t see a problem with them putting a price tag on it, but they have to have already established that they are an authority.

    I dunno though, there is a ton of crap out there being hocked.

    • I probably should have put a disclaimer in the post that there are probably a ton of GREAT E-Books. I was just ranting about the obviously terrible ones lol

      • I’m shooting for a more traditional book deal, but the ebook has crossed my mind so I have to defend it. I’ve read some great ones…though most of them were free 🙂

        I see your point entirely though.

  7. Talk about a bubble, huh? The “make money online” ebook market. I guess it will never “pop” because it’s such a compelling vision – sitting back earning thousands per month from a blog post you wrote 5 years ago… then reality hits!

  8. Most of the big (and small) players are selling something. I sign up to different blogs regularly. The bigger some are, the more relentless solicitation I get. The bottom line is figuring out what sticks. What has meat and potatoes, and what doesn’t. Referrals are nice. But, what one person does with information and what another does with the same info, are two different things. At some point I will have an ebook. I intend for it to help people. It will, but not every one who buys it. So, my final take on it works out this way: quality ebook, willing student. Thanks.

    Live it LOUD!

    • I wish you luck with your e-book, again they aren’t all bad it is just hard to take some of them seriously.

  9. I like how you figured out a way to track your networth without revealing too much detail.

    I may do that too, but I have at least decided to scrap the monthly net worth update and make it quarterly.


    PS I agree that ebooks sometimes suck!


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