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Wow…I have Been At My Job for 5 Years

by My Journey to Millions

I realized something this morning as I walked into my office building, next month I will have been working at the same place for 5 years.  To put that in perspective:

  • That is about one-sixth my life
  • That is a longer tenure than I spent in high school
  • That is a longer tenure than I was in college
  • That is almost double the time I was in Law school
  • I have been with The Wife 12 years (not sure how that is relevant but man that is a long time too)

I have pretty mixed feelings about this not so subtle revelation.  On one hand, I absolutely love my job for reasons other than money I don’t think there are many people who get to say that. My bosses are awesome. Period.  I choose to hang out with them outside the office, how rare is that?  Each inspiring in their own way, but both men are self made wealthy individuals that are just fun to hang out with.

Beyond the social aspect, the work I participate  is extremely stimulating and very interesting.  I get all the benefits of working on high net worth individuals‘ estate issues without the pressure of actually finding the client.

However, on the other hand I can’t believe I have been in the same position, regardless of what it may be, for 5 years!  To make matters worse about that latter point, there isn’t a place for me to move, there is no position I can get “promoted to” but I don’t think that really matters all that much to me.  Lastly, that lack of pressure mentioned above comes at a cost.  I have watched agents that I helped with cases get paid close to my yearly salary finish up the sale I helped them complete (not to say they wouldn’t have done it without me).

All in all I am a very happy guy, just kind of surreal I have been doing this for such a large portion of my life.
What do you do in terms of a job? How long have you been there?


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This Aggie Saves 04/26/2012 - 10:05 am

I work for the county government and I’ve been here almost 3 years now. Time sure flies by!

Evan 05/01/2012 - 10:41 am

What do you do for the gov’t? Do you get a pension after a certain amount of years?

Michelle 04/26/2012 - 1:02 pm

5 years is good! I was at my last job for exactly 5 years, and I’ve been at my current one for almost 2 years.

Evan 05/01/2012 - 10:42 am

Why did you leave the previous job?

Marie 04/26/2012 - 2:06 pm

I love my job, too, and have been here three years this month!

Evan 05/01/2012 - 10:45 am

What do you do?

Jenna 04/26/2012 - 4:53 pm

I celebrated two years at Adaptu in March. Officially the longest job I’ve had at one place. Unless you could lifeguarding, which I did all through high school and college, but that was just a summer job while in college so 3 months on, 9 months off…

Evan 05/01/2012 - 10:56 am

Life guarding does not count! Although I freaking loved life guarding…one of the best jobs I ever had.

Financial Samurai 04/28/2012 - 12:48 pm

Congrats on the 5 year mark! 10 years will come before you know it!

That really is awesome you love hanging out with your colleagues and bosses.

Evan 05/01/2012 - 11:05 am

I don’t think it is too common with the relationship I have with my colleagues and bosses, but I really do enjoy it.

Funny about Money 04/29/2012 - 9:56 am

Hm. The longest I’ve ever worked for a single employer was 15 years. However, that period entailed a significant job change: I taught for ten years and then went to another campus to found and direct an editorial office.

When I was married to the corporate lawyer and didn’t have to work, I would rotate between freelance journalism and working on staff at various publications.

Evan 05/01/2012 - 12:30 pm

Wow 10 years at the same job? I bet it is different for teachers…you get new students every single year.

Josh 06/12/2012 - 11:54 am

I’m just coming up on five years this month too. Congrats on riding out the recession jobhunt free!


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