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The Wife and I are Expecting a Daughter!

Two months ago I announced on here that The Wife and I were expecting our second child.  I even shared the cutest (yeah, I am biased) video of my son finding out:

Well we found out on Friday that this one will be a daughter! Beyond the nerves of dealing with a healthy pregnancy, I wasn’t all that nervous when it came to the gender of the baby…that was until I found out it was a girl.  I am not nervous about raising a daughter, however, I am very nervous on dealing with the differences between the sexes.  My guess is that the feeling is nothing more than the fear of change or something different.

Considering the shit The Wife and I have been through we decided to celebrate a bit with a “Gender Reveal Party.”

Our Gender Reveal Party

The Wife and I had the sonogram tech text our baker the sex.  The baker (a family friend) showed up with 45 cupcakes that looked all the same on the outside (pink and blue frosting) however when you bit into it you found pink frosting.  The party started as a small family thing that turned into 40+ people in my backyard.  I know the idea of a gender reveal party sounds terrible, but I have to tell you it was really fun sharing finding out with people we genuinely care about.  It didn’t hurt that we had enough beer and burgers on the grill to kill an army.

The Wife is already talking shopping.  My gut tells me this child is going to be a lot more expensive than my first!



  1. Congrats MJTM,
    We had a boy first, then a girl. She’s 7 months now. It’s been a great experience so far. We are a little concerned he’ll overshadow her because his personality is demanding. But to be able to raise both, we consider ourselves very lucky people. That’s quite a party!

    • How old is your boy? Our son is VERY demanding, but we don’t know her personality yet obviously. Do you already see the differences?

    • I was against it at first thinking it would be cheesy but it really turned out to be a great time. You are right, when you put together that combo it is pretty tough to be a bad time.

  2. Congrats MJTM.

    hahhaa thats quite funny that you had your sonogram tech text the baker. My brother has a son and a daughter – and I remember his comment when my niece was was still a baby that he thought that baby/kid stuff is way more expensive for girls than boys. Not sure if thats generally true, but look out 🙂

    Best wishes

    • Since The Wife is already talking about shopping for the unborn girl I am going to have to say your brother is correct!

  3. Wow, that’s great news Evan 🙂 Congrats! That’s really nice you have so many family and friends at your bbq to support you. Maybe get your wife to make a list of things she would like to buy, and guests can bring them for the baby shower.

    • Don’t think you get a shower for the second kid. It may just be the first kid…but I will absolutely look into that.

  4. Congratulations. Many people try and try again to have children of both genders. That’s what happened to my parents. They had one boy, then another boy, then identical twin boys. They called it quits at that point. My wife and I also have a son, but never went after that second kid. My wife kept saying, “I don’t know how to be a boy,” when she found out our son’s gender. It didn’t take long for her to figure out the boy thing. I am sure you will be fine with your new daughter.

    • The Wife was the exact same way when we found out we were having a boy the first time around.

      Your parents’ story is fantastic and VERY scary lol. I was one of 3 boys and when my mom talks about it you’d think she survived D-Day lol

  5. Congratulations! We were also lucky to have had both a boy and a girl. From our experience, you truly get the best of both worlds because boys and girls are different in so many ways. May you and your family continue to share many more blessings in your journey.

    • Thank you! Some kid parties are fun and some are just unbearable lol. You’ll get to see it all over again eventually with your son. Except this time when the GC is in a bad mood you just bring him or her home

  6. Congrats!! We just had our (2nd) little boy after swearing it was going to be a girl, but in the end all we really wanted was a healthy little baby 🙂 So here’s to her and momma’s health! Gonna be an adventure!

    • I saw that today, Congrats! I am glad everyone is healthy in your household.

      I felt the same way as you did – I didn’t really care if it was a boy or girl but something inside of me incorrectly guessed boy. Health is all that matters as cheesy as it sounds.


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