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The Wife and I are Expecting a Baby!

It has been a long journey thus far, but The Wife and I are expecting a baby.  Missed the Journey?  Well, it went from:

Then Yesterday, when the doctor pointed to the screen and said this is your little yolk sack (kind of gross they call it that but whatever).  When I asked what that flicker in the middle is, he responded, “the heart.”  Craziness

Then they turned the sound on, and you could actually hear the heart beat.  I know we are early on but the Doc was optimistic so it breaths a sigh of relief into the situation.

Just like I have brought you along the ride for debt repayment and attempting to get my financial life in order, I hope to bring you through My Journey of a pregnant wife (scariness) and then raising our child!



  1. Congrats Evan, I look forward to reading about your newest journey.

    My wife and I went through a miscarriage too (I can still remember the date of the Dr. appointment). But less than a year later we had our first child – he’ll turn 3 this summer. We are having our second in about 2 months and let me tell you I am just as scared now as I was for the first. But everything seems to work out. I never thought I was this patient, it is amazing how a child really does affect you. Enjoy the ride…and take lots of pics!

  2. Congratulations to you both! I wish you both a very smooth pregnancy. We’re about to have our first in 3 weeks!

  3. Congratulations Evan! That’s awesome news…you and your wife must be very happy.

    Better start getting some extra sleep now while you can! 🙂

  4. Nice! Congratulations. And you know, pregnancy seems kid of full of strange and creepy terms like ‘yolk sack.’ I think you just have to go with it 😉

  5. Congratulations! It changes absolutely everything! Mostly for the better.

    My wife and I have two now (and one we lost to miscarriage) and I wouldn’t trade them for anything

  6. Congrats Evan!!!!! I am so happy to hear the good news for your family and look forward to reading about how YOU are changing diapers and YOU are cleaning up baby barf.

    Now just make sure you wife reads this! 🙂


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