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What Kind of Credit Card Debt Repayment Person Are You?

I’d like to think that I have a wide variety of friends.  These friends range from successful business owners to civil servants to a friend that was unemployed for the better part of 18 months (health reasons).  So it was interesting when I told a bunch of them about getting rid of my credit card debt yesterday.

All were pumped, but they had very different reactions.  Some were confused how I got there, and some wanted to know my “secret. ” It then hit me, most people need a kick in the butt to get rid of credit card debt, and the kind of kick differs from person to person.  To determine what kind of you or your friend needs, you have to “Know Thyself.”

The “Kick to the Shin” Type of Person to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Kick to Shin

This is the type of person who just needs a small reminder to get into gear.  They don’t need spreadsheets, websites, books or magazines.  They simply need a firm, “Come on guy, what are you doing?”

If you are this person then to you I say, “Come on guy, what are you doing?”  If you know this type of person, and they have spoken to you about their situation – then you have a responsibility to say the same!

Swift Kick to the Groin Kind of Person to get Rid of Credit Card Debt

kick to groin

A swift kick to the groin is a simple reminder that you are doing something which may not be alright!  This is the type of person who needs to be yelled at, but probably not pushed too hard.  Maybe he or she needs a spreadsheet for motivation, maybe he or she needs the healthy, yet FIRM reminder to pay off that debt.

If you are this person, then I recommend creating a spreadsheet (or download the one I created for a buddy of mine).  The spreadsheet should give you motivation as to the power of paying way above the minimum payment.

If you have a person in your life that falls in this category it is tough love.  “Hey, dude stop buying rounds of $20 glasses of scotch”, “You do not need a german vehicle at the age of 27” etc. etc.

I practice what I preach, just a few mins ago I finished texting a friend who came into some moeny from a settlement, who wanted to blow it.  My Exact text was, “Why not say &$^# You to the 25% Personal Loan you have?”  He said I was right.

The Jean Claude Van Damm Screaming Jumping Round House Kick type of Person

Van Damm Kick

This is me.  I needed a wake up call, in the worst kind of way.  The first thing I did was, make a plan with the Wife.  She is the Van Damm of debt.  She hates, it is willing to tell you and is willing to tell ANYONE about our situation.  I wasn’t that alright with sharing it with the world, so I created this blog so I had Accountability to pay off debt with anonymity.  If you are this person and you want someone to be accountable, talk to those in your life, if you have no one or you want to be anonymous use me!  Contact My Journey to Millions and we can set something up together.

I told you what type of kick I needed – How do you see yourself?

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