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What Industries Could Do Well Financially From Coronavirus?


The online world is finding a reaffirmed significance during the epidemic. As people begin to find their feet, we look towards businesses to discover ideas, support, and economic confidence.

As brick and mortar stores close under lockdown restrictions. Forward-thinking businesses  are beginning to paint a picture of what the ‘new normal’ looks like.

Read on to discover what innovative industries are set to gain financially from the Cornavurus epidemic. 


The lockdown has also increased the use of supermarket websites and their eCommerce functionality. The general public wants to shop from the safety of home.

Thereby, turning online delivery services from a convenience to a necessity.

As the contagion spreads people are feeling more and more anxious about the weekly shop.

By offering delivery options, supermarkets such as Asda are providing essential supplies right to the doorstep.

After a bumpy few weeks, Supermarkets have been able to reassure consumer confidence. Showing they can function through the epidemic, while also abiding by social distancing and lockdown regulations.

Software as a service and eCommerce

The success of big supermarket chains is all well and good — But what about small retail stores? Businesses without the resources to throw at a web design team.

These outfits need to venture into eCommerce just to stay afloat.

Such a scenario has increased demand for store builders and is a key example as to why software development is enjoying a large degree of success during the pandemic.

The software as a service (SaaS) sales model charges businesses a running fee to use its facilities. Making for a greater degree of consistency in terms of revenue.

Take the for instance. A traditional brewery —during lockdown —that has ventured into ecommerce to sell its remaining stock left behind before closure. And this is certainly one of many.

It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling to cope with restrictions and people’s livelihoods are at risk. From Wix to Shopify store builders are providing an essential service by helping beginners sell online and save their business.


As we have become accustomed to life indoors, home entertainment has become a universally shared place of solace.

Should you be susceptible to the odd conspiracy. You would be forgiven for believing that Disney, Netflix, and Amazon benefitted the most from this pandemic.

Streaming has become a vital service for our continued sanity under the anxiousness of Coronavirus and monotony of the consequential lockdown.

So much so that the UK has seen a 39% growth in streaming use during the current length of the pandemic. And Netflix alone has added over 15 million global subscribers, more than double original predictions.

Actually, I’m about to binge watch Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness myself.

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Our lives have been turned upsidedown by Coronavirus and many businesses will suffer. But times of hardship breed innovation. And we have seen many examples of industry beginning to bounce back and function under the ‘new normal’.




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