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Using a PEO Service to Get Your Affiliate Marketing Business in Order

Small businesses, or start-ups, including an affiliate marketing business, must make sure they are keeping compliance, especially if paying employees in other countries, they need to know the countries payroll laws and regulations.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can handle human resources (HR) tasks such as payroll, workers compensation coverage, employee benefits, such as insurance, and ensuring compliance with payment-related taxes, laws, and regulations. A PEO company becomes a joint owner, through a practice called co-employment, and through these practices shares liability with your affiliate marketing business. If you could use another set of hands-on expensive and complicated parts of running a company, a PEO business can be an affordable, stress-relieving solution. In-depth PEO companies review on sites like Retire at 21.

How Does a PEO Company Work?

To set up your company as a legal entity, you needed to request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the federal government. However, when you work with a PEO company, they become responsible for payroll taxes. Still, since a PEO is its own organization, it has its individual federal tax ID that they use to file your business taxes.

Here are some ways you can use a PEO service to get your affiliate marketing business in order:

  • Reducing Risk – A PEO company will help keep your paperwork, invoicing, and tax filings up to date with the federal, state, and local regulations and laws, ensuring that they are compliant. PEO companies have HR specialists that can guide you through the proper processes when it comes to invoicing, and keeping your records up to date so that you are following government compliances.
  • Business and Personal Finances – Legally, companies need to keep different financial records, and there cannot be shared between a business owner’s personal accounts and business accounts. Your business should have a separate business checking account. A PEO company will help to make sure that you are conducting business that is compliant with the governments regulations, especially for filing taxes.
  • Increasing Productivity – With a PEO company looking over your HR duties, you can focus your attention on your affiliate marketing business. A PEO service will help your affiliate marketing business increase productivity because you can focus on growing your business and revenue.
  • Expanding Your Business – if your planning on growing your affiliate marketing business an growing into a new country, then you need to be familiar with and comply with employment and sector-specific regulations. With a partnership with a PEO company, you can reduce the stress and burden on your business since a PEO will handle HR-related tasks. That way, you can focus smoothly on expanding your operations. 

What Does a Business Co-Employment Mean?

The PEO company will lease your employees back to your business.


A PEO service will help keep your affiliate marketing business in good standing with the federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The PEO company can help relieve your business through a variety of services, so you can focus on continuing to grow your affiliate marketing business, knowing you are following legal requirements.



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