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Top Discounts on Car Insurance

by My Journey to Millions

In today’s world anything you can find a discount on can be a real help to the wallet, right? That’s why we have put together this list of the top discounts you can get on your car insurance. Now, remember some of these might apply to you while others might not, this is a general list of discounts the other thing to keep in mind is each insurance company is different and while some may honor these discounts others may not, the best course of action is to call your car insurance provider and ask what discounts are available to you.

  1. Loyalty Pays Off – you see it all the time car insurance companies claiming to be able to save you hundreds when you switch to them, but how much do you really save and what is the catch? Those are the questions you should ask; when you are loyal to one company you can qualify for discounts. Companies appreciate loyalty and most will show you that through a discounted premium, or a lower deductible in some cases. Ask your company about a loyalty program.
  2. Tell The Truth – let your insurance company know things such as you just put winter tires on your vehicle, you have not had any speeding tickets or wrecks, tell them about your work, where you live, where you went to school and so on. The more honest and open you are the more discounts you could qualify for.
  3. Big Issues Only – Unless it’s the first time you are filing a claim, save the filing for the big issues. If you have a mild fender bender where you back into the pole or wall and not much damage occurred (especially no other vehicles were involved) then save the time and money because most times your insurance will have a deductible you pay when you file the claim. Depending on the issue your insurance might actually increase because of it if you file a claim.
  4. Driver’s Safety Course – did you know most insurance companies will give a discount to those who have taken and passes a driver’s education course? This is especially great for those families with new drivers; it provides excellent education to the new driver as well as a discount.
  5. Safety Features – these not only keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling in the vehicle but depending on which safety features there are you could be getting discounts on your car insurance. Keep the family safe and save money, it’s a win win situation!

As we stated not all discounts will apply to you or your company but call your insurance company and ask about their discounts that are available, you might be surprised at how much money you could be saving.

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