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Top 5 Finance Sites

by My Journey to Millions
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I spend an healthy amount of time on the Internet, so I figured I would share my favorite 5 free finance related sites.  The reason I limited the list to free is not due to alliteration, but rather I am part of the generation that assumes everything on the Internet should be free, including great information.  I decided to keep blogs out of it, because I can’t limit them down to just 5 and there are so many aggregators out there, that allow a person access to all of them so why limit ourselves.  I am sure there are similar lists out there, and if anyone has any websites that I don’t mention PLEASE leave a comment.

Top 5 Finance Sites

  1. DinkyTown – OVER 300 financial calculators! There are 29 retirement calculators, 28 Mortgage related calculators, etc. etc. I refer to this site multiple times a week.  In 10 mins you can look up the Required Minimum Distribution on an 80 year old, and find out what you can save if you refinanced your auto loan from 8.9% to 0% (Information I needed for making a reasonable car purchase).
  2. Google Finance – Like most products from Google, they took an old thing (Yahoo Finance #5 below) and made it better. It provides free streaming (and in some cases real time) quotes, the message boards aren’t filled with spammers and pumpers, and the charts are fun to play with.
  3. Wall Street Journal – Who hasn’t heard of the Wall Street Journal? I had a subscription until I found myself only reading the personal finance section. Well most of it is found, for free, under “Personal Finance” tab on the left hand side. The information ranges from how to save on bank fees all the way up to the newest estate tax changes.
  4. IRS – I know it sounds weird, but I love their site. The IRS site has so many answers to so many questions. Whether you are dealing with simple questions about income tax all the way up to business coordination and corporate taxes…they have the answer because they write the rules! Their search feature could be a little more accurate, but who am I to tell the IRS what to do?
  5. Yahoo Finance – Great articles from some of the top people in finance, great articles/headlines, and good options quotes. As mentioned, I do not like their stock quotes or message boards. Also note I do not count Suze Orman in the top people in finance – hate her with a passion.

Finance Sites I Don’t Like

A finance site that I don’t like, but is popular is BankRate; WAY too monetized, it is hard to figure out when I am looking something up or getting a quote for a mortgage.  To boot, most of their calculators can be found at DinkyTown.

I would love to hear some other suggestions!

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