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To Drive or Not to Drive: That Is the Covid Question

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Because of the pandemic, we are rethinking everything that we used to take for granted. That’s probably a good thing. It is not good to get too stagnant in the way we think about and do things. Because we are creatures of habit, we develop systems that work for us functionally. But that does not mean we have found the best way to do things. It is just the way that worked well enough for us to stop thinking about it anymore.

Dining out is a good category ripe for rethink. Some people were doing it way too often without really giving it any thought. They had their set of favorite restaurants and their favorite choices at those restaurants. They long stopped questioning whether those were healthy choices. It never occurred to them that they should rethink their shopping and cooking habits. A lot of people are going through that rethink now thanks to coronavirus.

The same is happening for car ownership. It might be years before we understand the full impact of Covid on car-ownership trends. There are a lot of questions drivers are considering, some, for the first time. Here are just a few of those questions you might also want to consider:

Is Car Ownership Still Worth It?

If you were a person who didn’t drive that much anyway, you might be wondering if car ownership is even worth it anymore. If you are working from home, it makes no sense to own a car for your commute. The work from home status is going to stick around long after the virus has passed. Many families have two cars to support the needs of two, working adults. At least one of those cars might well be obsolete.

There is also the regular maintenance associated with car ownership. Sure, dent repair in Oregon is inexpensive enough. That is not really what will cause you to second-guess your relationship with driving. It is the gas and oil and brakes and Check Engine light that keeps you up at night.

There are some truly amazing ways to cut your car costs. But the best way to cut your car cost is to cut it out altogether. You might not be ready to take that step just yet. But there has never been a better time to consider it.

Is It Really Worth the Risk?

Car accident

There are lots of reasons why Millennials are choosing not to drive. Based on surveys, it is not really about the money. Sure, it plays a part. But even successfully employed young adults are opting out of car ownership. Something more is at play.

For many, driving is simply no longer worth the risk. We all know good people who were good drivers that ended up in a serious accident and seriously injured or worse. We can’t go on pretending that it can’t happen to us. Every driver has had near misses that left them alive and well but for a fraction of a second worth of reflexes. What happens the next time when their reflexes are not that fast? For many, it is no longer worth the risk.

Is There Really No Other Way?

Sadly, too many people are trapped into car ownership. They live in a place where there is no public transportation to speak of. Their place of work is too far to walk and cycling is too dangerous where they are. Their only alternative is to drive, or so they think.

In some cases, they might be right. But a lot of people have never truly considered the car-free lifestyle. During this time of crisis, ask yourself if another way is available to you. Bear in mind that plenty of people in society cannot drive such as the visually impaired. They manage to get where they are going just fine. It is not as impossible as you might think. Make a conscious choice, not one you feel you are locked into.

To drive or not to drive? Now that we know the questions, it is time to take a long moment to consider the answers. 



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