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The Simplest Personal Finance Advice to Newlyweds

My older brother got married on Friday, so to say the least, last week was nuts around my parts.  I gave him a very generous gift, but to be honest it was the same exact generous gift he gave me 5 months ago.  So I got to thinking – what personal finance advice could I offer him? and boom it came to me.

After we received all of our gifts, we partitioned those gifts that I KNEW I had to give back within 18 months. They were then placed in a separate ING account titled, “Wedding Gifts.”  So, when this wedding came around I wrote a check from my main account – but had the money coming to it from my ING account.

Why did I do this? 

As explained in my personal finance flaw post I need to separate my dollars (even if it is just artifically under ING titles) as not to spend it.  If personal finance is 80% Mental (and 30% physical) then isn’t this idea amazing!?

Anyone else have any personal finance advice I can spread to my brother?



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