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The Most Depressing and Inspiring Investment Calculator Ever Created

by My Journey to Millions

A blogger buddy of mine, PK from Don’t Quit Your Day Job (DQYDJ), is not only smart enough to be able to understand complex financial concepts/statistics, but he is also able to program calculators and interactive programs around that data.  All in all it looks like he has 30+ different interactive programs ranging from investment calculators to personal finance studies.  Well, a while ago he created the most depressing and inspiring investment calculator I have ever played with.  Using this program will first cause you an insane amount of frustration and pain, only to leave you inspired! Who hasn’t asked themselves the question:

How Much Would I have If I Invested in A Particular Stock Years Ago?

This bastard of a calculator will tell you how much your investment account would be worth if you were smarter and more disciplined.  It answers the age old question – how much would my position in a particular stock be worth if I invested $X and kept reinvesting all the dividends and adding $Y (if you so choose) every month/year.

I am 33 years old so it is unrealistic for me to look into anything other than a 10 year horizon.  Very few college kids out there with an investment portfolio.  They exist, but they are rare.  So So 10 years ago I was in law school, and while money was tight, I am sure I could have come up with $100 to start and $100 a month thereafter.

What if I invested in Disney 10 years ago:

10 Years of Disney investment

$100 to start and a $100 month would be worth over $42,000!

What if Invested in CAT 10 Years Ago:

10 Years of CAT investmentCat is another pretty stable company – it would be worth $19,000!

What if I invested in AAPL 10 Years Ago:

10 Years of Apple investmentApple would have been a long shot at the time as the iPhone wasn’t even invented but the return is unbelievable at over $80,000!

What if I invested in MSFT 10 years ago:

MSFT 10 years of InvestmentMicrosoft would have been a likely technology play, and you’d have over $25,000 for your efforts

What if I invested in JNJ 10 Years Ago:

10 Years of JNJ investment

Consumer staple JNJ would have even produced $22,000!

While you obviously can’t turn back the clock the calculator should make inspire you to start investing! Decide on your investment style and run with it.

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PK 05/07/2015 - 11:30 am

You’re too kind!

I should note, that while many stocks (through DRIP programs) and brokerages now let you reinvest for free and even buy fractional shares, that isn’t universal – and you’d still have transaction fees on the front and back end. I’m also ignoring any taxes, which is going to be a problem in many types of accounts.

I’ve got something big coming for the 6th anniversary of DQYDJ at the end of the month – I went a little crazy on this one.


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