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The Diagnosis of Cancer: Ways to Remain Positive

Unlike just a generation ago, the big “C” word doesn’t have to be a death sentence. While hearing the words “You have cancer” can be quite frightening, especially if you have young children, it doesn’t mean all hope is gone. 

Types of Treatment

Treatment options will vary depending on the type of cancer and the stage. Generally, surgery is the first option followed by chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. However, with some aggressive cancers and those in later stages, there are alternative treatments proving beneficial. One such treatment option is dendritic cell therapy. This treatment helps to enhance cancer immunotherapy. And, unlike other available treatments, it uses a person’s immune system to assist in the fight. 

Don’t Lose the Hope

The fight against cancer is ongoing and new clinical trials are continuing. It’s perfectly fine to have a bad day, initially. However, giving up is not an option. Stay the course and keep your mind focused on achieving a full recovery.

Surrounded by Positive People

Now is not the time to have negativity as part of your daily diet. Instead, surround yourself with people who think in terms of the glass being half full versus half empty. It’s at this time in your life that you need people who are truly there to support you. Words of encouragement are in high demand and will help you get through one day to the next. 

Do What Makes You Happy

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is difficult. Instead of throwing your hands up, take this time to engage in activities that make you happy. Even if you’re going through chemo, you will still have good days that you are able to enjoy. Take a bike ride, plant new flowers in the garden or head to the gym.

Healing From Within

Your treatments may make you weak, temporarily. One way to improve your body’s strength and keep your mind in a healthy place is to meditate. Meditation has amazing healing benefits. It can reduce pain and discomfort, keep depression and anxiety at bay and restore lost energy. Many cancer treatment centers are now encouraging many of their patients to meditate as part of their cancer recovery methods. 

Healthy Diet

Now more than ever before you need to boost your immune system to fight cancer. A healthy diet consisting of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats, and whole grains is essential. You should also limit the use of sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. Proteins are the building blocks and a necessary component in your health recovery. Eating good foods will also keep your spirits up.

Getting Your House in Order

While you want to keep the focus on a long healthy life ahead, there’s always the possibility of an early demise. Now is the perfect time to create or update your will. If you have a spouse, the home and your belonging will automatically transfer to them. However, if you are a single parent you have to appoint a guardian and a trust. 

Make Each Day Count

Try your best to wake up each day with a positive feeling and pre-set goals. You may have many doctor appointments but utilizing the time before and after will keep you going. Create a schedule and add in quality time with your children and spouse. 

The Journey Revealed

There are many patients ahead of you who just received their initial diagnosis. Mentoring people who will share the same experiences as you is one way to give back. Coming directly from the source, you will offer hope to those who are just beginning their journey for survival. 

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is not easy. However, if you maintain a positive outlook, eat right, and make the most of each day, you’ll be able to tackle each challenge that comes along. Research on cancer is moving at a steady pace in the right direction, giving hope to patients. 



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