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The Certificate of Deposit Debate Rages on!

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across a great blog, No Debt Plan (which I admittedly don’t think I have ever read before).  It turns out, Kevin, was struggling whether to purchase a  CD, a few days before, and his eventual decision was made subsequent to my post on the subject.

I thought it would be worth while to see someone struggle with the decision so, with his permission, please find his links, in the order they were posted.

  1. Should we Shift Should We Shift Some Emergency Fund Money to CDs?
  2. Sticking Our Toes into The CD Laddering Pool
  3. Some Readers Favor CDs, Some Think It’s a Dumb Idea

If you read the articles/comments you may see me pop up, with my humble opinion.  Despite our discussions back and forth he came to his conclusion that he was going to fund a CD Ladder.  Reading his back posts and reading his contentions on the matter, his final words sum it best,

JD at Get Rich Slowly always says “Do what works for you.” For us, this plan works.




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