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The Awkward Millionaire

While Evan thinks most things are the exact same and there was a never a good ‘ol time, I believe the economy has changed insofar as there aren’t really any “good jobs” left anymore.  I would define a good job as one that our parents’ had where you worked at one employer for your entire life and retired with a nice defined benefit pension. We have to work with what we have and today’s path to wealth involves two things above all else: making your own way in life, and saving money wherever and whenever you can.  Focusing on the second part of the equation for the post here are a few ways to save a lot of money and still get what you want in life:

Coupon Codes for Top Brands

There are essentially two types of purchases that you can make: those that increase in value over time and those that decrease. A home can be an investment as can certain luxury goods and other assets. Other purchases will start decreasing in value immediately.

For both of these types of purchases, coupon codes for top brands can be a huge help, both in increasing the value of your investment, and in decreasing what you spend on items that won’t offer any return.

Longer Term Decisions                                                   

One of the easiest ways to make and save a lot of money is to think in the long term. For instance, buying the 12 packs of toilet paper for eight dollars or so instead of buying them one at a time for a dollar each. It may seem like a small difference, but four dollars here and there can add up rather quickly.

It’s about getting into the habit of buying everything in this way so that you eventually save hundreds, perhaps thousands a year. Buying the more expensive shoes that last twice as long or a pack of t-shirts instead of one at a time can make a major difference over several months.

It’s not really challenging. It’s not uncommon to go from a five figures to seven figures in the bank in a matter of less than a decade simply by sort of nickel and diming your way to prosperity like this. Saving isn’t the only part of being successful, but it’s part of it.

Post by Amanda

Evan’s Note on the guest post: While I believe that controlling one’s spending is important I think it is naive to believe that most people can nickel and dime their way to a seven figure nest egg.



  1. To me a good job depends on the amount of money made and the mental state you’re in while performing the job. By my own definitions, I have never had a good job.

    I never cracked 14k a year take home pay to stand on my feet all day, get aches and pains, and get verbally abused by disgruntled pieces of shit.

  2. In terms of jobs/careers, I have earned considerable amounts of money. My approach to spending is always the same, I want $1.50 value for every dollar spent. Money wisely spent yields so much more.

  3. Your TP must be gold plated! My mom told me never to pay more than 25 cents for a roll of toilet paper… but to date, I’ve never paid more than 20 cents (yes, I whip out the calculator to see exactly how much it’ll cost per roll)


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