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The 4 Best Budget Apps for Couples

by My Journey to Millions
Budget apps for couples

Is money management driving a wedge between you and your partner? If you answered ‘yes,’ you’re not alone. According to Business Insider, money is the number one thing couples argue about. It’s no secret that getting on the same page financially can improve both your relationship and your finances.

Luckily, budgeting as a couple has never been easier! We’ve rounded up the four best budget apps for couples to help you and your partner start working towards your financial goals today.


If you want a one-stop shop for full-service couples banking, Honeyfi is a great option. This app is designed to help you seamlessly manage your money as a team. With Honeyfi, you can link your accounts, but still control how much you share with your partner.

This app gives you a great overview of your household finances, including customized budgets, bill payments, transactions, net worth, and savings, all in one place. Additionally, Honeyfi makes saving as a couple easier by allowing you to create mutual saving goals and earn bonuses as you work towards those goals.


PocketGuard helps take your budgeting to the next level.  This app is perfect for the budget-conscious couple looking to optimize their spending. PocketGuard will run the numbers and tell you how much money you have left over to spend after automatically allocating money towards bills, necessities, and savings.

This app is especially helpful for co-dependent couples. For instance, are you each paying for a separate monthly Netflix subscription? PocketGuard pulls information from your credit cards and bank account to help highlight where you might be wasting money on things like unused subscriptions.


Not ready to combine your finances yet, but still want to split the bill evenly? Splitwise helps you track your receipts and divvy up expenses between you and your partner. This app is great for keeping tabs on how much you spend as a couple, so you can budget accordingly. From shared monthly expenses to going Dutch on date night, this app will help you keep track of who pays for what so that you never have to nag your partner for overdue IOUs.


Part of successful budgeting as a couple is putting money aside for your future. Twine is built for couples who are ready to start saving and investing together. If you’re saving for a big milestone, like a wedding or a down payment, twine helps you save as a team. This app lets partners contribute separately to short and long-term savings and monitor their progress together.

Beyond that, Twine aims to make investing easy for every couple, no matter where you’re starting from. This app is perfect for couples who aren’t investment-savvy but are interested in putting their savings to work.


In summary, these are the 4 best budgeting apps for couples:

  1. Honeyfi
  2. PocketGuard
  3. Splitwise
  4. Twine

No matter if you’ve been dating for a few months or married for 10 years, there’s an app out there to help you and your partner budget better. The reality is that financial health can make or break a relationship, so it’s worth taking the steps today to start managing your money more effectively! 

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