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Sweeping changes — 5 tip to Declutter your Brain and Business

by My Journey to Millions

When technology moves at breakneck speed and the cult of busyness convinces us we won’t succeed unless we’re switched on 24/7, it’s easy to feel tired and tangled.

And sometimes, routines become so ingrained that we automatically accept that they’re set in stone.

But if you’re yearning for simplicity and serenity, there is hope.

Recharge your batteries and revive your enthusiasm with five sweeping changes to declutter your brain and business.

  1. KonMari

There’s no doubt that physically tidying your work or living space can quickly make you feel more calm and organised — as well as a whole lot more hygienic.

But tidying philosophy the KonMari Method elevates the concept to a way of life — by deciding whether items ‘spark joy’, your environment only contains things you love and becomes a calmer and more creative space.

Try it with your work desk to see if it inspires Zen-like serenity, or at least creates an environment conducive to calm contemplation.

  1. Desk yoga

Yoga aligns brain, body and spirit in perfect harmony and teaches breathing techniques which can help you de-stress and focus on the task in hand.

There are a few poses you can complete at your desk to top up your chilled-out vibes, like the chair pigeon pose, desk upward dog pose and seated crescent moon pose.

Check out website DOYOUYOGA for top tips — but remember that there’s no obligation to swap your power suit for head- to-toe lycra.

  1. Outsourced payroll

Moving from mindfulness to money, in any business, one of the fundamental functions to get right is payroll provision.

It’s normally handled by HR, but hiring a full-time HR employee can be expensive for smaller firms. However, outsourced payroll provider SD Worx has the solution — an automated payroll platform with pinpoint precision that ensures regulatory compliance in any territory.

  1. Coworking with kids

Running your own business while taking care of kids is tricky — especially if you’re the primary caregiver.

But coworking space Entreprenursery offers an elegant solution — a creative workspace and business incubator with an in-house creche. It enables you to network and grow your enterprise while your kids are safe in an onsite Ofsted-registered nursery.

  1. Rage rooms

Despite our best efforts, there are times when life tests our patience to the limit and sedate mindfulness techniques can’t calm us down.

So if you want to blow off steam by smashing things up without getting in trouble with the authorities, book a session with demolition entertainment specialists Wreck Room.

Destroying everyday items like computers, plates and ornaments with a baseball bat in a controlled environment is deeply cathartic — you’ll feel relieved, refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

Try these five tips to declutter your brain and business to sweep out the things that no longer serve you and take on work and life in tip-top condition.

How do you keep yourself balanced? Share your tips in the comments section.

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