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Stylish glasses – options to update your look

Nobody is quite certain of exactly when and where eyeglasses were invented. The best estimates for the production of eyeglasses puts the date at around 1290 in Italy. One thing we do know is that ever since those first spectacles graced the faces of those pioneering Italians, their popularity has only increased, with demand surging and the fashion world scrambling to keep up with developing tastes. From cool retro glasses to something for the office and even something that works well with evening wear, there are multiple styles from which to choose your next pair of glasses. Today, we’re going to look at some of the more popular styles, so that you are better prepared for the many options.

Thick rimmed geometric styles

This is the big and bold option that isn’t for the faint of personality. These distinctive frames draw the eye and demand attention. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this style of eyewear isn’t that it says any one thing in particular about the wearer, but rather that thick rimmed geometric styles serve to reinforce the characteristics set by the person. If you’re outspoken, for example, thick rimmed glasses will establish you as one of the most outspoken people in the office. If you’re an honest and trustworthy individual, thick glasses can help underline these personality traits.

Therefore, the question is not what thick framed glasses can say about you, but rather whether you have certain sides of your character that you want to be remembered for.

Oversized glasses

Experimenting with oversized glasses can go well. But it can also go very wrong. The thing to remember with oversized glasses is that they can be used to accentuate your style with a range of bold looks, but height and width are everything, and you may have to break the ‘centred pupil’ rule. How so? Well, typically, the pupil should look through the centre of the lens, but with oversized glasses, this rule poses a problem. You must either break the rule and extend the lens deeper down on the face (meaning your pupil will be looking through the upper portion of the lens) or you must extend the lens over the eyebrow. In this case, the eyebrows can be magnified through the lens, creating the unintended look of a much bushier brow.

Also, you could find that by extending the height also increases the width beyond the width of your face. This can be an issue where people making eye contact with you can see the scenery behind you in the edges of your lenses, which can give the effect of a pinched in brow. 

Cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses are a stylish perennial favourite for adding a touch of personal taste to your academic wear and evening attire. The upward flick of the cat eye frames serves to lift the face, creating an awake and formidable head on impression. These frames are for people who want to say “I’m ready” at any time of the day.  



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