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Strange Will Bequests and Estate Plans

by My Journey to Millions

Did you ever think your last wishes were weird or strange?  My mom wants Phantom of the Opera playing at her wake; luckily I talked her out of actually putting it in the Will I drafted for her.

My Last Will and Testament has certain provisions for hundreds, if not thousands, of glass coke bottles I have collected.  Yup, yours truly collects those old school glass coke bottles, and since I started the collection with my father, and considering my wife hates them, I bequeathed them to him before she gets tries to sell them on ebay.

Famous Strange Bequests

A buddy of mine, who is dying to know my domain name, forwarded me CNN’s Article titled, “Dogs, Ferrari, Strangers – weird Stipulations” knowing it would be a great post.  Too bad he doesn’t get to hear about my coke bottles like you do, but this blog is anonymous!  So here are some great ones:

  1. Leona Helmsely – Gave her Maltese, Trouble, about $12,000,000.  She did this through the use of what is commonly referred to as a Pet Trust.
  2. Carlotta Liebenstein – $80,000,000 to the dog!
  3. Jeremy Bentham – He was a philosopher (and yes, John Locke’s character uses it is an alias during Lost) and apparently he thought it was alright to force people at the University College of London to cart around his clothed skeleton!
  4. Sandra West – She was buried in her lace nightgown, while in the driver’s side of her 1964 Ferrari.  Yup! There is a car buried somewhere in Cali, start digging.
  5. Luis Carlos de Nornha Cabral da Camara (woah that name is a mouthful) – Divided his estate into 70 parts picking the beneficiaries at random from the Lisbon phone book.
  6. Charles Millar – Left $568,000 to the mother who gave birth to the most children in Toronto in the 10 years following his death in 1928.  Wow, I think Mr. Millar may be the sole reason for our current overpopulation problems.
  7. TM Zink – Died in the 30’s, left $5 bucks to the daughter, nothing to the wife and then $100K to start a “womanless library.” Wow Freud would have a field day with this guy!
  8. Henry Budd – Gave 200,000 Pounds to his sons as long as they didn’t try to pull off a mustache.  HA! My father once paid me to take out an earring, but trust me I didn’t see even 1% of that kind of dough.

The full article highlights a few other weird desires. Do you have any weird desires?

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