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Stop Making Excuses Creating a Second Stream of Income Is Not Difficult

I think the amazing thing about blogging is being able to connect to people that you would likely never have a conversation with, but because you share a common interest you get involved in their life.  Sometimes it is a one way street, which is fine.  There is this great blogger who goes by the pseudonym Debt Ninja who writes over at Punch Debt In the Face who often captures my attention.  While we may not have a lot in common (he works for the government, doesn’t drink and is involved in young life…I work in the private sector, love beer/scotch/whiskey and don’t consider myself all that religious) I am constantly pulled into his life.  As much as I love his blog (and you will too if you go check it out) his recent post titled, “It’s All Downhill from Here” inspired a comment that literally angered me.

The crux of Debt Ninja’s post is that he,

…received some great news. Great news that kind of sucked. I got an email from my agency indicating that paperwork had been processed for me to receive a promotion. Booya for promotions. My annual salary jumps from $62,451 to $74,854


It’s my last significant promotion…EVER!


This my friends causes panic in my heart. I’m 25 years old. I’m a long way off from retirement. What kind of ninja would I be if I just stayed a GS-12 for the rest of my life…answer: a pretty lame one. I got some figuring out to do. I need to find a way to increase my income. Maybe that means I monetize the bajeeezus out of this blog, maybe I apply for some new jobs, or maybe I’ll invent the next Snuggie. One thing is for sure, I plan to make more money each consecutive year for the next ten or so years.

The comment that particularly bothered me was one that wasn’t rude but rather helpless when he or she shouldn’t be.  The commenter who didn’t give his or her name said,

I’ve been stuck for about 5 years now. I don’t even come close to your salary and I’m a quite a bit older than you. Talk about being stuck in a rut! I do appreciate everything that I have, but I’m still looking for ways to make more money. I’ve contemplated opening a business, but it is difficult to leave the safety and security of my job for such a gamble. Looks like I’m doomed to a life of mediocrity… How much of a gamble are you willing to take? Better to do it when you are young.

How infuriating is this comment?

Creating a Second Stream of Income Is not Difficult

While I have explained why I want Multiple Streams of income, how I believe that multiple streams of income are the way to go to achieve wealth and even begged people to get off their asses and do something about their situation I have never given a “how-to.”

The reason? I am trying to find way as well.   I don’t have a tons of streams, I am not a consultant, I haven’t made my millions (yet), but there is something in my gut that says everyone can do something to make a few extra dollars a month.  Does it take sacrifice? Absolutely! But there is something that everyone reading this blog can offer the world, and as important, those that figure it out can monetize it.

As is my usual abrasive fashion my response was,

That is F’in B.S. You are not doomed to a life of mediocrity! No one in America is. I notice your “name” doesn’t have a website associated with it – have you thought about starting one? If no, why not? At worst a blog can keep you on track and focused and at best it can bring in a couple hundred bucks to get you out of your rut…

I thought I was going to get a (possibly deserved) nasty response, but I didn’t!

Thanks Evan, my lazy butt needs a swift kick. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but I’m usually too honest and the wife would not like me to share so much on the internet. Privacy is a precious commodity for us these days.

This guy is on a set pay scale and is not starting a second stream of income (in this case a blog) because he is afraid he will be too honest? or that his wife would be mad? Can we all say it together like we are at a sporting event, “BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.”  Fine, don’t blog, what about starting with paid surveys? freelance writing? a twitter account and getting to do ads there? We live in a time where making side money doesn’t mean you have to go to an office, but that doesn’t mean you can be lazy either.

We can even step away from the internet…what are you doing at night? Could you get a second, no-stress job for 10 hours a week? What is your day job – Can we build a second business of of that?

Since he doesn’t want to follow my second stream of income, blogging, what options do you have for this lost individual?



  1. We may not have a lot in common, but I sure do like ya 🙂 I was really scared when I saw the backlink to this post. I could tell it was a rant, and I knew it had to do with my blog post, but I thought it was about something I said. Pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t I said.

    At the end of the day, I think we need mediocre people. It allows motivated chaps like ourselves some pretty great opportunities.

    If you’re ever in Seattle, I’ll buy you a beer, you can buy me a Dr. Pepper.

    • Nah, Not rant about you! Although with your numbers if you figured out how to properly monetized your site you wouldn’t worry about being capped out at your day job.

      Did Dream Job have same restrictions on pay?

  2. My advice is to not worry about it. You seem to worry a lot about other folks.

    You don’t have to worry because the person complaining about his/her lower than desired income really is FINE with it. Otherwise, they would earn more. Perfectly logical, especially if you live in America.

    Best, Sam

    • I do worry about others too much don’t I?
      I think it is because I hate listening to people feel sorry for themselves when there is some much opportunity in America

  3. Doesn’t sound like this guy wants help. I’ve encountered people who find insurmountable obstacles to every problem. They just want someone to listen to them complain. You gotta shut ’em down.

  4. Mr. Mediocre has chosen his path, and as Shawanda said, “…He just wants someone to listen to him complain”. It is impossible to motivate someone who does not really want to change.

  5. My job coming out of college paid $60k a year and while that’s a ton of money for a single guy out of college, I still considered getting a second job.

    I’m completely with you here. This guy sounds like he isn’t making a lot of money and isn’t doing much about it. He just likes to complain.

      • I went to Washington University in St. Louis, which is a top 15 US News undergrad school, so there were lots of big corporations willing to pay big money to me and my classmates.

        However, you don’t need that kind of education to make that money. My girlfriend went to a state school, got into phone sales, and with commission is making roughly $60k a year her first year out of college.

  6. Jeez, Ninja is doing pretty darn well at 25.
    Mr. Mediocre need to take a look at his finance and make some drastic changes. If he lives in a house, sell it and get a duplex. Get a second job delivering pizza. Learn about stock market. Do something if he doesn’t want to stay stuck in mediocrity!

  7. I think getting additional streams of income is a great idea. I don’t think getting significant additional streams of income is easy at all. Maybe I am just lame. I have several additional streams of income that are significant but it wasn’t easy at all. And it took years. I’ll admit my style also is more suited to slow, continuous, long term growth than to quick, marketing success.

    I congratulate those that can make things monetarily successful quickly. I would love to add some quick successes to my additional streams of income.

    My advice it that is it a very valuable personal financial move to create additional streams of income. And that you should make attempts but don’t expect easy, quick rewards. Stay persistent.

    • I agree – getting significant additional streams may not be easy, but starting one isn’t it!

      You aren’t lame at all! It took me a long time to figure out blogging, and even now I don’t have it 100%…but everyone can start one for next to nothing.

  8. I feel you are preaching to the choir. Too many people just complain about insufficient income or something. The doers of the world just do it! Whether it is a blog, second job or becoming a super star at your primary job, it is something. Theoretically, I am in a low pay career (teacher), but I work an auxiliary (extra class) and summer school and still have 6 weeks vacation. If you want to add to your income, you can find ways.

    • You might be right, those that come to my blog may already agree with me. Hopefully I can inspire one person though!

  9. The problem with this guy is that he doesn’t want to come up with the possibilities on his own; he wants someone else to hand him the answers on a platter. People who don’t want to figure it out by themselves are essentially doomed. If someone is going to give you an idea and you keep coming up with excuses, you’ve made up your mind. Can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. -BF

  10. Evan, I’m with you, there are just too many opportunities out there to earn extra money! All you have to do is apply yourself a little bit and make use of your spare time. Just look at the pregancy pool…brilliant! Or look at my latest app :). Seriously, look at it….I’d love to hear what you think of it Evan!

    • Really cool App – Feel free to send me over a guest post about starting the process and actually building the app!

  11. The thing about opportunities is that they rarely come wrapped in a pretty little bow.

    In fact, usually they come dressed in costume as a problem. Not everybody has the ability to see this. That okay, it’s probably better for the rest of us.

  12. I definitely agree. Anyone can create a 2nd stream of income. Most reasons ppl give are just excuses, and aren’t valid reasons. If you dunno how, well you got a brain and can learn. If you lack the money, well I bet you got $8 right? That’s how much it cost to buy a domain name.. and if you don’t, that’s fine, just get a free one at blogspot to start out! Don’t got a computer? Go to the library for a few hrs on the weekend to work on it.

  13. I did things backwards. I quit my j-o-b first. I don’t suggest my path for everyone. I wasn’t just tired of my situation, I was tired of embracing and justifying my iron clad excuses. I might be worse off in a year from now, BUT, I will not wonder, ‘what if’.

    • I don’t know anything about your particular situation but I love the fact that you did something to make it better…you didn’t just sit and bitch and complain about your life

  14. I will work every angle possible as long as I live and breath. My time is precious and I am reserving 60 years of it for my family, so right now is crunch time. I’ll take any and every job/side hustle that even pops into my head until I find the one that works and makes my retirement goal (if you didn’t do the math, that’s 40, cos I’ll live to be 100!) a reality. I don’t have time or spare energy for mediocrity/fear/embarrassment!

  15. Good post mate! Just like you, working my way to make my $$… doesn’t matter how many times I have to try, but I rather live the life to the fullest than being happy with mediocrity.


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