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Sometimes Ignoring Finances is Best

by My Journey to Millions

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because life has gotten serious (that’s the only way I can describe it.)  I have gotten into such a great routine with finances and have become quite disciplined in sticking to our budget that it usually seems second nature to me.  I like this because saying no to that impulse spending is easy and never actually affects my life negatively.  Unfortunately, in September I found out that sometimes not indulging in the needless things can be detrimental.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th pregnancy.  The first 2 ended in cesarean sections for reasons that have no effect on future pregnancies.  The 3rd one was a miscarriage. The current pregnancy is moving along nicely and all signs, so far, point to a healthy uncomplicated birth.  Yet, for 14 weeks I have been struggling to find a care provider who doesn’t want to just cut me open again even though they have no legitimate medical reason to do so.

Trouble Finding A Birth Center or Doctor Who Will Perform VBAC

I have been getting my prenatal care at a birth center but unfortunately for insurance reasons they are unable to care for me after 28 weeks and do not preform VBACs, vaginal birth after cesarean.  Well I’m 28 weeks pregnant and no doctor I have talked to will even let me attempt a natural birth.  Outdated information of the risks of a uterine rupture and liability reasons are preventing them from seeing that a c-section is major surgery with just as many, if not more risks associated with it than a VBAC.  I’ve even considered having a homebirth, which I don’t particularly want but will do if I have no other options.

All of this has been extraordinarily stressful and attempting to deal with it while also sticking to a budget and trying to accomplish my September goals nearly drove me to a mental breakdown.  After choosing to eat out for a third time in one week because I was too upset after another doctor rejection to cook anything, I started beating myself up for blowing our budget.  This only caused me to become even more stressed out and start nit picking on all the things I hadn’t done yet that month.  It wasn’t until my best chance at a VBAC informed me they’d be out of town the week I was due that I realized finding the right provider for me was the only important thing right now and no amount of budget breaking should matter.

I needed to rid myself of any other stressors for my health, my unborn child’s health, and to clearly figure out how I was going to get the birth I wanted.  If cooking wasn’t appealing to me then we ate out.  Writing a blog post about money wasn’t happening because I didn’t care about money.  If buying my son a book made him happy then I would have spent $100 on it, luckily it only cost $8.  But the point is, I realized money isn’t important right now and I have a healthy emergency fund that can allow me to blow a little money and ignore our budget while I figure out how to handle the important things in my life.

Sometimes Life Forces you to Throw out the Budget

I’m not saying that after every stressful work week that shopping spree you go on is justified; but I am saying that sometimes it’s more important to loosen the belt around your budget and just let some spending be okay.

Readers: What occasions in your life have caused you to throw the budget out the window?  Do you feel good about that decision or not?

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Brandy 10/09/2012 - 11:51 am

Sometimes I have felt bad and sometimes I have felt better after throwing my budget out the window. If I am doing it to make myself feel better because I am feeling fat or unpretty or something like that, I usually regret spending the money. If it is because I am sick and it will make me feel better, I don’t care LOL

Evan 10/09/2012 - 1:44 pm

I don’t budget but I do find that when I go nutty on spending (especially on going and eating out) it is hard for me to get lined back up with my long term goals and objectives.

I am shocked how much difficultly you are having finding a doctor to step up and listen to your birth plan!

Adam Hathaway 10/09/2012 - 1:48 pm

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I am not sure what you mean by throwing your budget out the window though since you have legitimate reasons for doing what you did. Its not like you impulse bought a BMW or anything therefore you should not stress. Mental health qualifies for an emergency fund expense so take care of yourself and dont sweat it.

Sharon 10/09/2012 - 10:59 pm

There are times when I am faced with I am faced with critical issues that I feel I need to loosen up a bit and just don’t concern myself with my habitual budgeting. While I find the burst of spending reasonable at the moment, I remind myself to be back on the track when the crisis is over. Thank you for the share and I hope you are doing well.

Dominique Brown 10/13/2012 - 12:01 am

Sorry to hear about your problem. I also tend to throw my budget out of the window when it is really needed, especially medical problems. My health is the most important thing to me!

Daisy 10/13/2012 - 10:41 pm

Sometimes tracking and budgeting and all the stress that comes along with finances can do more harm than good. I learned that the hard way, after never treating myself or letting myself have any slack at all, I got pretty burned out. Do what is best for you.


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