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Simple way to Save money on Travel

by My Journey to Millions

This is an IM conversation I had today with a really good buddy of mine:

Him: I hate all airline companies I hope they go out of business!

Me: ummm Why?

Him: I went to buy a plane ticket to SC yesterday – $200 and today it was $350!


Him: Exactly why I am glad if they go out of business! BASTARDS

Me:  Did you clear your cookies?

Him: I know what you are talking about but why are you telling me to do this?

Me: Those creeps keep track of when you search for an airfare and then they notice you shopping around on different days.  So, those dirtbags know that you  need to travel and will jack up your prices!

Him: Holy Sh!t

Me: Do it and then you can tell me I am right


Him: Alright, I am going to do it but you better be right because I am going to spend tons of times trying to guess all my passwords and logins again

Me: I am always right


Him: HOLY SH!T IT WORKED!!!! The fare dropped back down $150 bucks on the same site.  You are amazing

Me: More More

Him: You are a genius

Me: More More

Him: You are a handsome genius

Me: More

I have no idea where I learned this trick but a simple google search confirmed that I can’t be the only one with this knowledge.  Don’t worry, he didn’t give me any more praise, but remember anytime you are going to buy something online CLEAR your cookies! Any other simple tricks for those buying items online?

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Don 12/21/2012 - 8:45 am

This is a great tip! You should repost this every year near the holiday season!!!


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