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Simple Home Improvements You Can Make During Coronavirus

You are going to be spending a lot of time at home over the next few months due to the coronavirus. While you may be working during the week, the weekends are when you would normally go out and met up with friends and family. Of course, this is out of the question right now and you may be looking for ways to stay busy and be productive in the house.

There is no better time than the present to decorate your home. Forget about bringing in the professionals. There are plenty of simple home improvements you can make during COVID-19 by yourself. Let’s check them out.

Bring Out the Paint

A coat of paint can be exactly what is needed to refresh a room. You can easily get out your brushes and purchase some paint for this job. Simply move around your furniture and cover them up with sheets. Then you can get started on transforming your home. The great thing about this home improvement job is that it can be completed in a day. Even the kids can join in.

Power Wash the Deck

Has your patio and decking aged over the winter? With the summer weather arriving soon, now is the time to fix this problem. You can make a deck look as good as new with the help of a power wash. This is going to remove any dirt and debris, as well as get rid of any algae. You can also scrub it by hand to bring up the natural wood. You can even paint and stain your patio so that it can be prepared for the next year of weather. If you want to purchase a power washer or painting tools, you can always look for affordable short term home improvement loans. Just make sure that you always have a budget so that you do not run into any trouble.

Add a Kitchen Backsplash

It is so easy to add a backsplash to your kitchen walls. Forget the expensive tiling; instead, you can purchase peel ‘n stick backsplashes. Just as the name suggests you simply choose a design you love and you can cut it to fit your kitchen. All you have to do is peel off the backing and it will stick to your walls. It is simple and does not make a mess. You can choose from tile designs to marble patterns. This is a fun weekend activity after working at home all week.

Enjoy Ceiling Fans

You are spending a lot of time at home right now and for the foreseeable future. One thing you may be realizing is that monthly bills are rising. You are using more energy, particularly with the air conditioning or heating being on during the day when you are normally at work. A simple home improvement you can make right now is adding ceiling fans to your home. This is going to be a great way to save money and start a DIY project to keep you busy. Ceiling fans are ideal for the summer months. They can help to circulate cool air and you can avoid using your air conditioning as much. In addition, during the winter, ceiling fans can help to spread around warm air in a room.



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