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Best New Show on Television – Shark Tank

I have found easily the best new show on television.  It is called Shark Tank!  From Wapedia,

Each episode features a series of investment proposals from the owner(s) of a business. The presentation must request a specific sum of money from the Sharks and offer up a certain percentage ownership stake the business in exchange. The presentations typically include a description of the service or product, a discussion of the business’s history, its financial figures (current sales, profit margins, costs, etc.), the business plan, how the Sharks’ money would be used. The presentation as aired is interactive, with the Sharks regularly shown asking questions during the pitch.

Any of the Sharks may decide to make an offer to the entrepreneur. Sharks may cooperate and offer to join in another Shark’s offer, if that Shark agrees; Or they may make their own offers for the same or other terms. The Sharks are not restricted to offering only what the entrepreneur has asked for, and may offer more money or request a larger or smaller share of the business (smaller shares are often requested by Sharks in order to compete with other Sharks’ offers).


If offers are made, the entrepreneur must decide whether to accept, or decline. The series is non-competitive, and the investment opportunities are not compared to one another. Each is considered on its own merits.

Shark Tank is amazing for anyone with a secret desire to be an entrepreneur! There are 5 Sharks each having their own style, and come from varying backgrounds, but all have the desire to find the next big business idea.  Here is a great clip of two women who created a product, sold some units and then brought it to the next level with a shark:

You can watch Full Episodes of Shark Tank on



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