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Should you Dream about Winning the Lottery?

lotteryForget your personal/religious feelings when it comes to gambling, or even your view of state sponsored gambling (i.e. the lottery) when it comes to a public policy or as it relates to taxes, it is fun and cheap to play for the slight chance of a win a ton of cold cash.

We all know that the odds of winning the lottery are terrible, but every time the New York Mega Millions hits over 9 digits (over $100,000,000) I have to buy a couple tickets.  I know it is a stupid move, I am well aware that I am not going to win, but there is some human instinct that says, “Hey, you never know…” which leads me to my question:

Is it ok to Dream about Winning the Lottery?

Really, the question should be is it ok to “dream” about any windfall of dollars?  I think the answer to this question is, YES…kind of.  I think the important thing when hoping for a windfall is that you are not planning for it.  You shouldn’t plan for your parents’ death for an inheritance (ignoring the morbid part of it for a second), you shouldn’t plan for a bonus, and most of all you shouldn’t plan for a lottery winning.

My Journey to Millions Dream if he Won the Lottery

First off, I think the sad thing is I don’t even dream about winning the big one! I dream about winning the $250K one, the little guy compared to nine digits.  The first thing I would do (after freaking out with The Wife for a bit) would be to get rid of more debt.  I think it would be great to get rid of my car loan, a good chunk of my student loans, and then I would start looking into muni bonds.  I’d love to have a muni bond portfolio that basically covered my expenses!  A $5,000,000 muni bond portfolio yielding 5% and boom = $250,000 NET income.  Only after all that was done, whereby I insured my family’s well being would I start worrying about others in my life.   Help our siblings, help our parents, maybe a little charity stuff!

Do you Dream about the Windfall? Do you play the lottery?



  1. I do dream about winning the lottery from time to time. I never play because I just have this hunch that I won’t win, but coming back from lunch just now, I thought, hmm, what if I did win the jackpot?

    I’ve never thought of the small winnings though. It’s always big time dreaming for me.

    But whether I win large or small, I think my allotment would remain the same. I would probably save half and donate the rest (schools, non-for-profits, church). In my savings, I would probably split that between myself and my parents. For my parents I would try to help pay off any/all of their debt. For myself, I usually expand my current positions in my investment portfolio as well as secure an income property and have that stream of income supplement my current salary.

    I think I may play tonight because of you…

  2. I feel that winning the lottery has a capacity to ruin people’s lives and relationships, so in that regard I choose not to partake. I think that people appreciate money more when they earn it, as opposed to winning it or coming into it by chance. As well, I think people become accustomed and acclimated to a lifestyle of wealth if they ease into it over time through hard work, or by being born into it through family.

    I think I could handle something like a less than $300,000 windfall, but more than that and you likely start to have relatives and “friends” come out of the woodwork. Arguing about what to spend the money on and what happens when it runs out is likely a problem for couples as well.

    Like I said, I think money should primarily be earned for it to ensure a positive effect on your life.

  3. It’s ok to daydream about it once in a while but it shouldn’t be something someone puts real thought into. I’ve seen folks who walk around and really wish they could win. I don’t think that is healthy. Action will help your finances not blind hope.

    I’m with you on the smaller jackpots. I mean, I wouldn’t turn away 100 mil but a few hundred k would be nice enough.

  4. I think its okay to dream. Keeps a child like spirit inside us all. I was very fortunate and blessed with winning a Florida Lottery jackpot and yes, it changed my life. Some good, Some bad.. But I am still alive, wealthy and doing well…You really have to keep things in perspective when you get big money unexpectedly. Ive lost all my friends, I dont talk to my mother anymore and my brother and sis are gone from my life too. It got so bad I had to move across the country. I am now very happy living in a nice home in a very good area in N. Ca. I have cars, take trips, give to charity, dont have to work or worry about money ever again. But it cost me quite a bit to be in this position. All in all, would I do it again? Most definately, Yes….I can take care of the people I love like my daughter and myself. Stay dreaming… dreams and aspirations are the one thing no one can take away from you. I hope this helps you… I won 51 million in the Florida lottery. I took the lump sum and walked away with just over half of it. I am VERY comfortable and once the thrill of owning cars, and all that worthless crap wore off, I live more moderately now. God bless you all…

    • Hi Peter,

      I guess you must be blessed to hit the big one. I am waiting for mine too…and i hope it is not far way….I have just a question, did anything odd happened to you before you won? or was it just a normal plain day?

      Thanks…and wish me luck:)

  5. Gavin,
    Yes. I did have a very odd situation happen before I won. I kept seeing the number 916 everywhere. Whenever i looked at the clock it said 916, I used to live in area code 916, I owned at the time a Ducati 916, I would wake up at 916 for no reason, 916 everywhere. That went on for months….Then I met someone who told me I would have something favorable happen to me by someone else’s grace. I decided to listen to the 916 thing and on 9/16 (Sept.16) I went to a local Publix supermarket at 915pm. I was in line to buy lottery, hoping to be there by 916pm. A lady was in front of me with a huge stack of tickets but she looked at me and said, “sir you only have one ticket to buy. I’ll be here all day, Please go ahead of me”. So I said thank you, and bought my tickets at exactly 916pm. on 9/16. That was the day I won. True Story…I truely believe that, God, The Universe, Who ever…Will let you know something is a miss and thats when you’ll get it. I have read about others at lottery headquarters who have the same type of story. I wish you all the luck in the world on your quest to win this. The odds are huge, but never stop believing. I focused on it for 4 months, and started to notice the 916 numbers in my life and finally paid attention to it. God bless you all and Best of luck to you Gavin. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you..

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you foryour respons and for sharing the details of your journey…thank you for your grace as it means alot to me:) God bless you……I guess the universe is listening and I had already received something earlier today!! Its not the big one yet but at least something to cover my investments:)My belief is even stronger now and I am in for the big one…
      Thank you and all the best in your life…


    • Hi Peter,

      Hope you are well Sir..

      Looks like lady Luck was not smiling at me this thime around…The Jackpot has been won..47 Million plus…and where I come from..Winner keeps all…tax free..Gosh..what luck…feels like a sore looser and cursed with bad luck as nothing seems to work out in my life….but I was happy for being able to speak with a real Lottery winner like urself…

      Take care


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