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September Net Worth Update–Nominated for a Plutas Edition

Earlier this year I started tracking my net worth, but wasn’t entirely comfortable putting the number completely out there, so I came up with a system where I on January 18, 2011 I took my positive net worth made it a zero.  Feel free to check out my absolute zero net worth post.  This way I can share my gains and loses.

The assets I include are:

The liabilities I include are:

What is missing?

  • Car loan  – Paid that off last month.
  • Credit Card debt – Don’t  have any except a revolving AMEX account so no reason to put it up
  • Checking Accounts – Always changing and moving kept low on purpose so no reason to track it
  • Cars – I have no idea why people count cars as an asset. Its transportation not an asset.
  • Jewelry –  Lets be real The Wife isn’t going to let me pawn it so I can pump up my cash account so why include it.

My Net worth Update

  • From August 1, 2011 to September 1, 2011 my net worth has increased 2.82%
  • From January 18, 2011 to August 1,2011 my net worth has increased 50.98%

Last month, I wrote that

I am not upset by the number, but this is my lowest month to month gain since I started tracking.

Well this month I hit another low and it isn’t my fault! So, this month I am actually pretty mad.  I invested my standard 401(k) amount yet my account balance is back to where it was 4 months ago.  This almost (except 2.98% lol) entirely wipes out the gain I made in my cash account which is literally the most money I have ever saved in a month period, in my entire life (minus wedding gifts).

It is exciting to know one day these depressed values should cause an explosion in my 401(k) account, but right now it is frustrating as all hell!

How was your month? Do you have an update?



  1. Evan said, “Cars – I have no idea why people count cars as an asset. Its transportation not an asset.”

    For the same reason you don’t write “House – It’s shelter, not an asset.”

    People can sell their cars and get by with a cheaper one, or with public transit. If you (had/have) two cars, you could sell one and share the other.

    If you had multiple six-figure-value cars, surely the potential resale value would imply you should include that in your net worth, right?

    If you’re driving a car valued at $200,000 vs. one valued at $2,000, and have no car loan, your net worth is very different.

    Hope this helps make clear(er) why people include cars in net worth.


    • Maybe it is because I associate assets with something that increase in value (hopefully I guess in today’s housing market lol) vs. something that will decrease almost monthly.

      I think it is equivalent to why I go bat shit when someone tries to justify a purchase like a suit or purse for women as a “good investment.” It is not.

      • I think you’re right about the distinction.

        Assets are not investments. So car (or even a fancy watch, which is often re-sellable for a sizeable sum) is an asset, because it has value and you own it – that value is yours. But that doesn’t make it an investment, and that shouldn’t matter to a list of assets or a net worth calculation.

  2. Great job on the net worth increase. I know it’s frustrating when the increase is a small %, but you’re looking at it the wrong way – what if it was a negative number? That’d totally suck.
    I also cant believe your wife wont let you pawn her jewelry – how rude is that?!
    Also, congrats on the PLUTUS nomination – good luck!

    • I’ll eventually HAVE to hit a negative number and I can’t imagine how angry I’ll be!

      I tried to pry the engagement ring off her finger and she hit me…so we are going to wait until she is weaker in a couple years

    • Thanks for the Congrats! I don’t think I have a shot but at the risk of sounding cheesy, it is nice to be nominated by someone

    • Sadly, I am not. Just have been and going to be traveling too much for work and family.

      Plus how else can I convince everyone that I am really really good looking if everyone has seen me?!

    • At this point Yakezie is most of the PF world! It is almost like, install wordpress, write first post, join yakezie, get logo lol

  3. That’s the problem with people who number crunch: we actually notice the ups and downs that we’re supposed to ignore for long-term investing. But it’s kind of a daily downer, isn’t it? Oh, for the day our patience pays off…

    Great job on your continued tracking. And I do agree that a car is an asset! But it’s Definitely not an “investment” as some people mistakenly believe. That’s what gets you into trouble, IMO.

  4. Congrats on the nomination, I’m rooting for you!

    I feel your frustration and wonder how long it will take for the economy recover.

    I planned on doing something similar to what you are going with your net worth but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think it’s a great idea though!

    Have a great long weekend!!!

    • DO IT! Just Do it! then give me credit for being your muse lol.

      It really does put a lot in to perspective the month to month is terrible to look at but knowing how much I have traveled over the course of the year is FANTASTIC


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