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Saving on Cable with Cable Deals

It wasn’t that long ago that an average cable television subscriber could access approximately fifty channels for around $10 or $15 a month. Then, in the last several years, the number of available channels skyrocketed and so did the bill. Add to this the additional costs of high speed internet access and phone charges, it’s no wonder that people are looking to save money on this portion of their utility bills.

In these tough economic times, one obvious solution to saving on cable bills is to bundle TV, internet and phone services with one carrier. The cost of a package deal is usually lower than if you bought each service separately.

Look for promotional offers. Be on the lookout for special rates on television, on radio, through internet searches and even in your mail box. Promotional codes are everywhere – you can still enjoy your movies and sports but at a lower rate.  If you aren’t under contract, collect advertisements from other competing cable providers and use them to negotiate possible savings with your current provider. They may match the offer because retaining existing customers is less expensive than trying to acquire a new one. If your current contract is about to expire, call your provider to see if the promotional department will extend your present terms or if you’re eligible for a different less costly package. Many service providers have plans to retain loyal customers.

For individuals who have dropped their land lines for cell phones only, saving on cable is still possible. Many service providers offer special terms for cable and internet packages. One of the Time Warner Cable deals currently available is called a “double play”. This package offers cable and high speed internet for as little as $85 per month plus other incentives.

Although the most obvious way to reduce your cable bill is to downgrade or eliminate your service, you should investigate any potential savings that will allow you to keep your current level of service or perhaps an increased level at the same or reduced rate. Remember, many companies offer package deals for around $100 a month when you bundle television, internet and phone service, which helps you save money. Bundling is also a convenient way to consolidate your telecom bills.

Guest Post by Katya



  1. I’d rather just watch TV on Hulu and then go to a sports bar to watch the sporting events I’m into. Seems way cheaper then spending $100 a month.

  2. Sad point is, the promotional offers are only valid for certain number of months. In specific areas some cable operator has monopoly as well and other cable providers are generally absent, lack of competition also raises the bill. Lastly, bundling services has its own flaws.

  3. We currently have a bundles comms package, and the service is good. However, I am still looking for ways to reduce the $117 per month expense. I think we can do without the local phone. The TV can be replaced by antenna…the HD reception is better and we only watch local channels, mostly. I think we could survive on the internet service alone.

  4. My discount expired and my cable bill went from $30 to $45. I called them and they gave me the internet + basic TV for $40. I guess saving $5 is better than nothing. Next time I’ll threaten to cancel….


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