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Saving for a Family Vacation

by My Journey to Millions

I am writing this post right now from my balcony in Mexico drinking a cerveza…fine by the time I hit schedule I should be a few beers deep.  My boy needs a few minutes out of the sun since he was rocking the butt-whiteness of a New York winter before coming down, and my daughter and The Wife are napping by the pool so I have a few minutes to kill to write a post I have been thinking about this I booked this trip.

The Wife and I try to go away on a bigger type trip once a year and we only use money that has previously been put aside for the trip.

Breaking Down a Large Purchase into Weekly Savings Amounts

The Wife and I have two accounts that we save small weekly amounts to without even noticing the balances until they are needed (family vacation and home emergencies/upgrades).  The below chart is not rocket science, it is just taking a total and dividing it into possibility palatable weekly amounts.

Total Amount Weekly Savings
$1,000.00 $19.23
$1,500.00 $28.85
$2,000.00 $38.46
$2,500.00 $48.08
$3,000.00 $57.69
$3,500.00 $67.31
$4,000.00 $76.92

I am not blind to the fact that a family vacation may not be a luxury that some can afford, but when you look at those weekly numbers it should question some people’s priorities.  If you are eating out for lunch 3 times a week at an average of $12/lunch you are right in line of a $2,000 vacation without really making that much of a change in your lifestyle.  This same chart could probably be applied to debt, but I am in too nice of a place to worry about that right now!

The Main Benefit of Saving Weekly for a Family Vacation

Beyond the vacation itself the main benefit for me is by doing it this way I remove all the pressure of actually having to pay for the trip.  When The Wife books our trip I just take it out of that account and there is no four digit bill to come home to, no large amount that has to come out of savings to pay off the amex, and I feel zero annoyance with regard to the large purchase.

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Amber tree 03/13/2017 - 2:08 pm

Saving for vacations is done automatically here. we use our holiday allowance and extra paycheck for that. And we saved some up in the past. Let’s hope that pays for ski and summer holiday for the next years.

We can be flexible and take one year a cheaper summer holiday.


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