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Reviewing My Goals and Objectives for 2018

by My Journey to Millions
family picture

family pictureWith about half the year gone, I figured it was a good time to check out my goals and objectives for 2018.  See if I am blowing any of them out of the water (unlikely) or if I am severely under-performing where I thought I’d be at this point (likely).  For the past few years I have orgnized my goals and objectives into the following categories, and as such it would only make sense to review them in the same categories:

  • Professional Life
  • Blogging World
  • Online Income World
  • Financial Goals
  • Personal Life

Mid-Year Review of my 2018 Goals and Objectives

Professional Life

Broken down into 2 sections:


With regard to a goal via growth I think my goal in 2018 will be to at least write every single financial planner to see if we can meet to see how I can further integrate into their practice.

Epic Fail.

My Law Practice

I have a very small law practice based solely on referrals, however, this year I want to actively grow it.  After receiving an unsolicited referral from facebook I figured it was about time to get into 2014 and get a quick facebook page up.

My goal will be to share an original third party piece every week in 2018.   I also need to create a process going forward about following up with completed clients.  For the most part my clients are transactional in nature (either a will or buy sell is created and all parties move on), I need to create calendar entries to make sure I am the attorney they think of if anything in their life changes.

Fail, but not epic fail.  My practice has definitely been growing this year, but it isn’t because of the proactive items I listed.   I am going to take the next 6 months to ramp it up using those tools.

Blogging World

I am going to make a systematic effort to discover and comment on other sites.  My goal will be to provide a meaningful comment on 5 sites each and every week.

As a secondary goal, I want to fix some on site items:

  • 5 Posts a week and make sure they have proper headers, an SEO friendly description, featured image where appropriate.
  • Once a month run a smushing plugin to make sure all images are appropriately ‘smushed’
  • 5 Images a week to make sure their description is appropriate
  • Once a month run a broken link plugin
  • Set up adsense once again

Doing well on this one.  I have been fixing 5 posts every week or every other week (while fixing images while doing that).  I have not been commenting, but have been more active on twitter.  Think I need to slow down on twitter and refocus on the commenting.  Lastly, I have adsense back on. 

Online Income World

A few years ago one of my goals was to write emails to old advertisers and wow that has worked wonders. My goal this year is to be a little bit more active with trying to find new sites to buy.

Again, we are good here.  I have picked up a site or two and every 3 to 4 months I have reached out to site owners.

Financial Goals

I have four financial goals for this year.

The first would be to continue to try and find a rental property to purchase…

I have been looking, but I am not sure if, when and how this is going to get off the ground.  I have been keeping an eye out, but so much of where I am looking is so damn expensive.  This means to start I’d have to be involved in some type of syndicate or club, which to be honest, seems like such an f’n hassle.  If I could do it with one or two other guys in more of a partnership setting I think it may be a bit more manageable.  With 6 months left in the year, I really don’t see how this gets off the ground.

Not sure how to grade this because, yes, I am working on it, but no I doubt it is going to happen.

The second is easy.  I’d like to buy a small amount of physical gold every month.  I am talking a tiny position of $50 to $100 per month.  I haven’t found the right way to do it yet, but when I do I am sure I’ll write about it.

Complete success thus far.  I have been buying $100 to $200 clips every month or 6 weeks thus far.  I have just recently decided to slow down and save the money for a larger purchase down the line.  I did the math on buying these little gram to 2.5g bars and I think I am getting killed on the fees.

The third is a bit more time consuming and complicated with a lot of sub-goals.  My undervalued dividend investment portfolio is easily my favorite part of my financial world.  I am intrigued by the idea of one day turning off the dividend reinvestment portion and having an income to live off of (it is like the rental income when the mortgage is paid down).  So I want to make sure I purchase $500 – $750 of undervalued dividend stocks every month.  I would also like to re-do the way I screen for undervalued stocks, if for no other reason, that I am convinced that the current way, or the past way or the future way of doing it is the correct way.  This way if I change it up every 9 to 18 months I may end up with different companies that may be considered undervalued.  Within this same account I also sell naked puts, covered calls, and bear put spreads – it is my goal to track and share these sells.  I think this will help me find my strengths and weaknesses.

I may be stretching here but I am going to call this one a success.  I have been picking up my monthly lots and have been switching up how I find value.  My latest method has been using the Acquirer’s Multiple method – this one is going to be it for at least the rest of the calendar year.  I have also been very active selling naked puts and covered calls.

Where I have been failing is tracking and sharing my option plays and dividend income.  Next month is as good as any to try and recapture what I have done this year so far and then share it.

I am not rock solid on the fourth goal but I may just put it out there.  I am not immune to the crypto currency mania (and absolute bubble).  I think my goal is to set up an account and throw a one time $500 investment split between a few of the smaller but still popular currencies.

Success, but failure. So, I bought some bitcoin, but at exactly the wrong time.  It is actually amazing how wrong the timing was.  I think I am down 50% to 60%, but luckily I only put in $1k or so.  I never diversified to other alt-coins, but since I bought at the wrong time I am just going to ignore the account for a while (rehashing the pain every time I open it up for a net worth update). 

Personal Life

My goal this year would be two-fold. One, I want to track my progress more. The box subscribes to Wodify, and so, I want to use it a bit more intentionally. The second goal, would be to participate in more ‘WODs’ that I suck at

Success. I have absolutely stepped it up with regard to performing those workouts that I know I’ll be terrible at.  In addition, I have been a bit better at recording and tracking my progress.

Last, and absolutely the most important thing, is time with my family.  I don’t have any goals except to continue to be as involved in my kids life as much as I can.


Action List for The Second Half of 2018 to Complete my Goals and Objectives

I think I can get back on track with the following items:

  1. Check with the powers that be and see if I should be doing anything more? If I can help in any other ways that would move the firm’s trajectory?
  2. Get my Law Office Website back up and running (it went down to a server change with another one of my sites…completely my oversight)
  3. Start regularly posting estate planning and business succession articles to my Facebook page
  4. Get to Commenting on other blogs!
  5. Back calculate dividend and option income YTD and continue to track going forward
  6. Make sure I do one more big push for a site purchase after the summer


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Lazy Man and Money 06/29/2018 - 4:17 pm

Looks like you had a lot more productivity than I had in 6 months.

I am getting more interested in dividend investing, but maxing out retirement plans comes first. So the dividends there won’t be useful to live on without a plan to access them. I am not sure what that plan looks like at this stage.

Evan 07/02/2018 - 8:43 am

My 401(k) at work is absolutely abhorrent so I don’t bother maxing it out. Even the cash account has a .75% expense fee! The cash option! Dividend paying stocks, to me, seems like the easiest path to passive income. It may also take the longest to build

Church 07/02/2018 - 8:28 am

Hi Evan,
Quite a list of goals you have. Makes me want to get my arse in gear and do more, but its summer and its easier to grab a cold one and throw horseshoes on the beach.

Question regarding dividends, how much do you believe you’ll need to invested in order to create a dividend flow to support you and the family? Just using simple math at an average 5% dividend yield, $1M? Or is this dividend portfolio more supplemental to other streams of income you are setting up.

Otherwise, well done on setting and holding yourself accountable to the goals you’ve set.

Love the witness protection family portrait.

Evan 07/02/2018 - 8:47 am

I gotta stay anonymous! I mean what would happen to my family life if my tens of fans start hanging out on my front lawn in a candle lit vigil hoping that I would grace them with my presence?

I don’t know if I could imagine a time where I would be able to completely live off of the dividends. I mean I would need a ridiculous non-qualified portfolio just to keep up with property taxes on Long Island! I look at it is a stream of income that can be used one day to supplement lifestyle in a passive manner. If I could fast forward 10 or 15 years, I would like a few of these streams of income so that I am not dependent on the whims of a boss or supervisor.


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