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Reviewing my 2016 Goals and Objectives

With a few days left in the year, what better time to open up my 2016 goals and objectives post and see how I did this year.  I have been doing goals and objective posts and their subsequent review for the past 8 years! Writing a goals and objective post, nevertheless reading it and judging yourself one year later is a fantastic exercise.

In January of 2016 I wrote (to myself),

Looking back in 2015, I feel like it reads a little too complacent.  I was/am very happy with life right now, and that is a problem/opportunity.

Good is the enemy of great

I don’t know where I heard the quote, but a quick search indicates that Jim Collins is its original author.  I really believe it to be true in my life, and so my goals and objectives for 2016 may have a different tone than in years past, and I hope 2017 Evan appreciates it.

Well, if I am being honest with myself and I usually am on these posts I think I was able to keep the intensity up on certain items which has been nice! I actually can credit most of this non-measurable gain to a little black book from Moleskin:

I have been writing my weekly tasks in it, and then carrying over my failures.  It has really helped! I hope to keep this going in 2017 (but more on that in that post later this week).

For the last few years I have split my goals and objectives into the following broad categories:

  • Personal Life
  • Professional Life
  • Blogging World
  • Online Income World
  • Financial Goals


Professional Life

Last year I broke this category down into two categories Career and Law Practice


The only measuring goal and objective that I left for myself was:

My goal this year is to join and cultivate my standing in two professional organizations focused on estate and insurance planning.

I am well entrenched in one organization and I think that is enough.  It is a lot of time spent when I usually hate working (at night for no easily realized dollars).  I don’t think I could have handled another organization.

Law Practice

My goal for last year was

My goal this year, is to put real effort into building my law firm’s site.  I completed the project about a year ago but it has largely sat stagnant.  My goal would be to get some real meat into the site – I am thinking some keyword reach articles.  Do I believe I’ll ever get a client from the site? No, but I may lose one by not having an appropriate site.  There isn’t a person my age who doesn’t google someone before calling them.

Eh, I have a set that I am not embarrassed by, but is no where near great (or even that good lol).  I’ll chalk this one up to a failure since I didn’t do any posts.

Blogging World

My goal this year is to go through 5 posts per week on my site to update them.  In addition, I will have at least one new post per week.

Well, this goal got a little off course since I sold this personal finance blog, then rebought it.  I didn’t own it for a good 6 months so obviously couldn’t do much work on it.  I did, however, recently purchase a site audit which I started implementing.

Online Income World

This year my goal is to go through 3 months of old emails the first week of every month.  I know that may not mean a lot to those reading the blog, but it basically means I reach out to old advertisers and reintroduce myself.

Hell yeah, I hit this one! Like most things in life it morphed a bit but in that little black book discussed above I took a month at a time and hit up old advertisers and it absolutely worked.

Financial Goals

I want to continue my $500/mo to my dividend investment fund.


Personal Life

Everyday I get home at a normal time (5:30ish) then I get a fantastic 2-2.5 hours of hardcore play time with the kids.  Its awesome!  If I had to stretch for a personal goal it would be continue to go to the gym two times a week.

It took 10 long months of being a fat disaster, but a new crossfit gym opened up right behind my office and I have been going 2 to 3 times a week since it opened in October.  Absolutely love it!





  1. I think reviewing your year is a very important thing to do. In fact, I try to review my spendings and savings every month. This allows me to know in the future what months to expect an increase in spending so I can counteract that in the later months.
    All the best for 2017, I hope you prosper

  2. Great job Evan! Very cool to see the play time dedicated with your kids. I do the same thing! Keep it up,

    Passive Income Dude


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