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Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966Remembering Lt. Joseph Gullickson – Project 2,966

armsofproject2996I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in Project 2,996, and to make it even more special this is my 200th post.  Project 2,996 is a project by Dale Challener Roe.  Bloggers request to honor someone who had passed away during that horrible event.  Being that my older brother is FDNY, I asked to honor one of New York’s Bravest.  I am humbly honoring Lt. Joseph Gullickson.

How do you honor someone you have never met? Someone that passed away 8 years ago when you were just a in college?  The only tools I had were google, and the words from the people who loved him.  So, if you knew Joseph please contact me, and I will put your words into this post.

Who was Lt. Joseph Gullickson?

Lt. Joseph Gullickson gave his life to save others on September 11, 2001; he was 37 years old.  Lt. Joseph Gullickson was survived by his wife, Naoemi and daughters Amanda and Isabella; both girls were under the age of 5.  He lived in Staten Island and was a proud member of Ladder 101 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  For those who are not familiar with Fire Departments.  A “Hook and Ladder”, normally referred to as Ladders, are the guys that go in first looking for people, while the Engine is trying to battle the fire.

Joseph rose through the ranks of the FDNY, raising to the rank of Lieutenant by the age of 31.  From a guy who has watched his brother tirelessly study for the Lieutenant’s exam, as hard as I studied for the bar exam, trust me when I tell you Joseph’s accomplishment at such a young age is no small feat.  Joseph was studying for his Captain’s test at the time of his death.

Joseph’s Captain, Tom Giordano, was quoted as saying,

Joe was an exceptional officer, always learning, always teaching, and, above all, always looking out for his men.  This was a man dedicated to his job and totally devoted to his family.  I am proud to call Joe a brother, a hero, a friend.

While most people aretheir day job, Lt. Joseph Gullickson was more than a Fire Fighter.  He was an ardent History Buff who owned a side lawn sprinkler business with his brother, Ralph from which they inherited from their father.  He was the kind of person, that is honored at his death with a Picnic and scholarship created in his name.  For the past 8 years, the Maverick Foundation has sponsored the Lt. Joe Gullickson Memorial Picnicwhere proceeds are used to sponsor a scholarship for a Catholic School Student.    While I have never met this man,  this is the type of individual who has a street named after him!


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  1. Thank you for honoring this brave man who sacrificed his life to save others’ lives. He will live forever in our memories. Rest in peace, Lt. Joseph Gullickson.


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