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Regaining Focus After a Crazy Summer

To say I have had a great, but busy, summer is an understatement.  Starting way back in May it has been crazy around my house.  The Wife, the boy and I went to Disney inviting our mothers with us.   Then in June we had a trip to The Wife’s family in PA as well as a different weekend trip to Lancaster PA to see Dutch Wonderland.  In July, we had my parents’ annual 4th of July party, and a week or so at the Jersey Shore (The Wife’s family rents a house every year)…and August has been even crazier.

I had work-ish trip to San Francisco for 4 days, 2 days in Mystic Ct. (for my parents’ joint 60th birthday celebration) and then a ridiculously amazing bachelor party in Vegas for 4 days.  And Yes, I worked in between all that! Unfortunately, this site, my commitment to working out and a reasonable focus on personal finances took a back seat.  How much of a back seat?

For the first time in years:

  • I didn’t do a net worth update
  • I didn’t do a dividend research post
  • Have a good amount of Credit card debt (all on 0% of course) – that has been creeping up little by little for months
  • Only posted on this site maybe 5 or so times in 2 months (I was doing 5 posts every week at one point)
  • After The Wife goes to bed I have been just watching TV

Well with 3 months to go in 2014 it is time to reclaim control!

First and foremost, I am done watching mindless television when The Wife goes to bed.  That bleeds into everything else I try to accomplish at night.  Just a stupid waste of time! I am so pissed at myself for letting a relaxed summer attitude allow for this monumental waste of time.  Beyond that in the next few weeks I have to get on top of:

  1. The Wife and I are in the midst of setting up a new cash flow plan.  I have to make sure this is fully implemented as to avoid fees or additional annoyance.
  2. Create a debt snowball to take care of some of this debt.  90% of it is at 0%, but it has ballooned into the thousands little by little this year so I need to create a plan like i did in the past and eradicate all of it.
  3. Take a look at cash flow and determine what needs to be optimized.  I haven’t tried for large wins in at least a year so it is time to take a look at fixed expenses.
  4. Have to step it back up with CrossFit.  I loved going just haven’t been in a while and it is a lot of money to throw away.
  5. Need to finish my law office website.  This is just pure laziness.

I also have some smaller daily goals I’d love to get through:

  1. My personal email box is a disaster.  I have over 1,300 unread messages!  I don’t just delete them because 95% of them have to do with an estate planning listserv I am on, so most of them should at least be glanced at.  Going to try to be a net -25 email per day.
  2. I am way behind on my trade magazine readings.  I am going to try and get through 2 a week starting in September.

With a daughter on her way (about a month out) not sure how realistic these daily goals are, but they are a damn good starting point.




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