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Quality trade execution should your top priority

Many traders simply want to trade in the Forex market to make money. They always look for and jump into the big move and don’t want to miss any big opportunities. But they forget that the market always gives big move chances to traders so they should not worry about not finding opportunities later. Due to over-trading, many traders don’t succeed in the market, it’s one of the worse enemies of your trading account and your dreams. The following article will give you enough of an idea why quality trading matters more than the quantity of trading.

What is over-trading?

If you find yourself in almost all the trades, you are overtrading. If you always jump into the big moves to make money, you are overtrading. You are also overtrading if you are in more than one trade at a time without managing the risk properly. Many traders assume that by overtrading they can make more money but this is not true. Overtrading won’t help you to make profits for the long run. Place one trade at a time and don’t always jump into the big moves as this will lead you to failure. Try to make profits with small trades in the market to lower your chance of losing.

Never thinking by increasing the number of orders executed, you can secure more profit. It will lead to overtrading the market. To keep the fund safe, you should learn the basics from the expert Singaporean traders. They never focus on quantity because they know it has fatal outcomes.

Too many trades affect your edge

Your trading edge becomes more diluted when you execute more trades, don’t try to take more trades if you want to increase your edge. The chances of your success becomes higher when your trading edge increases. Many new traders don’t focus on their trading edge but rather focus on making more money and this only helps them to lose. If you break your trading edge then you are also taking lower quality trades and this reduces the chance of your success. You should pay attention to your trading edge making good quality trades.

The smart and active investor should use CFD trading platforms to develop a balanced strategy. Switching to a different trading method doesn’t work. Explore the technical analysis of the top traders at Saxo. You will be surprised to see that most of them have developed a unique way to look at the picture of the market. All of them maintain a simple concept of quality trade execution. Being a naïve trader, it might be hard, but you can still develop this trait.

Focus on the quality trades, not in the market noise

In the Forex market, you will hear many noises from the other traders but you should not pay attention to every noise. The noise includes whether you should trade more or less in the market. It’s best to pay attention to the pro traders and your methods of trading. You should always focus on quality trading to achieve success in the trade. Before taking risk make sure you know your trading edge and how to trade so that you don’t end up overtrading.

If you lose a trade, never try to recover the loss. Take your time and try to find the next trade setups. Analyze its quality and place your trade with confidence.


In the Forex market, it doesn’t matter how many attempts you have taken in the trades all that matter is how effective your result was. The quantity will never help you to become a successful trader. Always try to focus on your trading edge and the quality of trading, quality trading only arises if you win in the trades. So, don’t jump into trades randomly, rather, follow some basic steps in the trades to make profit. You should not stop learning about and practicing in the market as these things always help to boost your trading quality.



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