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Positive Aspects of the Pandemic

Business open during pandemic

During these trying times it is easy to focus on the bad. There are so many terrible things happening around us. Children are suffering, businesses are suffering, and everyone is being affected monetarily, physically and mentally by the pandemic. It is hard to look around when you are seeing businesses close, schools close, suicide rates going up, people losing their lives and say there are positives aspects of the pandemic. The truth is, there actually is!

Business Success

Yes it is true that many businesses are suffering huge losses as an effect of the pandemic and the world wide shut down. However, there are some businesses that are doing well because of it. Many online retailers, like Hempire Direct, are seeing a lot of activity because of the fact people can go to stores and are choosing to shop online. Big box retailers like target and Walmart are seeing the slow down of sales in their brick and mortar stores but a ramp up in online sales. Certain industries are thriving as well. People and businesses who produce such products as masks, cleaning products, paper products and essentials are in high demand. Same with manufacturers that produce PPE. These items are a necessity for survival these days. This is a positive for those who are directly linked. It is still tough to see the small, local businesses that don’t have online options suffer but it is allowing them to get creative. A lot of restaurants are offering take-out when they otherwise won’t. Businesses that offer activities such as play spaces and gyms are finding new and improved ways to be Covid compliant and offer their services outside of their normal scope of offerings. Basically, if your business can come up with a way to offer a product and or service that is Covid safe then people are willing to support. It may not be the thriving business that once existed but you may be able to stay afloat.

Sense of Community

Speaking of support, Corona virus has brought us as a community, society and world together! We are in this together. Every single person on this planet has been affected and we all want to help one another. You can see signs of this when people in your community are getting food takeout to support their favorite local restaurant, or buy Christmas presents from the local mom and pop store on the corner so they can stay afloat during all of this. Many people in the world are trying to spread cheer by offering words of advice or free virtual activities to keep you busy. The world has come together in many ways and it is quite exciting to see it and experience it.

Family Time

Quarantine has forced us to stay home. By being forced to stay home, we are brought back to simpler times. We are required to talk, play and see one another. There isn’t rushing out to go to work or a meeting, there isn’t rushing the kids off to school or an activity, there aren’t errands to run or a to-do list to achieve. You are responsible to just be and be safe to keep others safe. During this time I saw a lot of families spending time outside together. Going on family walks and family bike rides were a common site to see in my neighborhood. This is exciting to see especially from parents who are normally “too busy” or even older children who may be “too cool” to spend time with their parents and siblings. Even couples are being forced to have more alone time together and really get to know and explore each other. It is a shame that it has taken a worldwide pandemic to accomplish this but it is priceless and probably a once in a lifetime experience.


It is clear that everyone has had to slow down. People are home and not able to be going about their business. People going about their business leaves an impact on the environment. By not leaving an imprint on the earth, it has a time to health. There is simply less pollution which allows the environment to heal and replenish. 

We can all agree this virus and pandemic is tough. A lot of us tend to focus on the things that are negative and make us unhappy or uncomfortable. However, there are quite a few things as you can see that have come out as positive effects if you just allow yourself to see it that way.



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