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Planning for Children with Special Needs – Part II Letter of Intent

Disclaimer: You should always check with your financial or legal professional before estate or financial planning especially when dealing with as sensitive and advanced subject such as Children with Special Needs. This is the Second Part of a multi-post series on planning for children with special needs.

Part 1 – Introduction

Step One Create a Letter of Intent

I think the first step that every parent of a child with special needs must complete is the creation of a Letter of Intent.  A Letter of Intent is not a legal document. The easiest way of thinking of a Letter of Intent is as an instructional manual for your child when you pass away.

This isn’t the type of document that says I want money to go to XYZ, but rather the type of document that says Johnny loves ABC food, needs to go to bed at this time, and learns well with this tool.

What should a Letter of Intent Include

Some of the items which should be included:

  • Family Tree
  • Hopes, wishes goals for your child
  • What type of activities does your child enjoy
  • Your religious desires for your child
  • Child’s daily activities
  • A summary of your experiences with your child
  • Education/Employment Schedule
  • Current Medical Doctors and schedule

Any specific items you think should be included?



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