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My Last Night in my Second Home

Well after a number of housing updates it is finally the night before we move out of our second home.  This home has been amazing to my family for the past six and a half years.  We have become part of a community I didn’t know was possible on Long Island.  I tell anyone that will listen about the amazing town we live in.  It is the only home that my 4 year old daughter has known and I am pretty sure it is the only home that my 8 year old son remembers (although he swears he remembers our old place, and has been known to pull out some ridiculous memories at times).

What is interesting, is that I remember writing a similar post in December 2012/January 2013 when I was out of my first home but didn’t buy this home yet.  Re-reading that post, I remember the ridiculous amount of emotions I was having at the time.  I wrote some brief thoughts as I sat in my parents’ house waiting to close on that new house,

I was a lot more emotional about the whole thing than I expected.

I remember how uneasy, anxious, nervous and just plain sad I was when I moved to this house.  I don’t feel that way almost at all which is frankly weird but like most things in life I have a theory!

I think a lot of those emotions were based on the unknown.  I was moving to a different town out of the 3 mile radius that was my bubble for my entire life.  I know I can’t compare it without seeing the movie play out but I believe leaving that bubble may have been one of the best things that happened.

The Wife and I built an amazing life in this  town, and this new house doesn’t change any of that.  We have the same community, friends that have become family, but this time the move just provides us with a slightly upgraded home with intangibles that no matter what we did couldn’t be changed on our current home (bigger piece of property and a much quieter street).  Also, and I think this is a big part of it for me, I am not selling the home.  I am renting it out, and this lets me believe that no matter what I still can “visit” those memories in years and decades to come.



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