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My Journey’s Financial Update 5/29/2009

One of the main reasons I started this site was to keep myself accountable to anyone that was reading. Ironic part, is that when I started I probably had no one reading so it was an exercise in futility!

After searching my archives I could only find one update this year – on March 4, 2009, and in that update I talk about how I don’t update enough! Wow. As I have indicated many times, right now I am in operation “Eradicate Credit Card Debt.” An unpopular but necessary war.

Credit Card 08/01/2008 03/04/2009 05/19/2009
CitiCard #1 $141.99 $0
CitiCard #2 $7,797 $0
Discover #1 $1,758.30 $0 $0
Discover #2 $4,797.02 $4,100 $700 ($550 end of Week)
Discover #3 $862.70 $495 $0
Bank of America #1 $1,344.97 $1,361 $0
Bank of America #2 $0 $4,100 $3,800
Totals $16,883.98 $10,056 $4,500 ($4,350)

The Wife and I, have gotten rid of approximately 75% of our credit card debt in 9 months. I like it! The big jump in the past 2 months came from our tax refunds (Federal & I also got a check from our Mortgage Holder since they estimated too much for property taxes).

As I have mentioned in the past, The Wife and I have enough liquid savings to pay off the remaining balance, but choose not to (nor have we ever invaded our liquid savings) because the debt has always been on 0% balance transfers.

In this year’s earlier update, I discussed my family situation; specifically Pops was mid heart surgery recovery, father in law felt horrible and mom was barely walking.  Well, everyone is all healed up! Pops is back to his normal (or whatever normal is for that man), Mom is up and walking again, and Father in Law is feeling better than he has in years. Great Stuff.

Post Debt Repayment

The Wife and I are “not not” trying to have a child and so as soon as the debt is paid off we are going to focus on cash hording.  Once we start that process, and since this blog is anonymous (much to the dismay of my friends and family who try to get me drunk, so I will tell them the domain), I will start sharing the eventual goal and its progress.

Thanks for all those that read this blog, I think its because of this blog and its great readers that I have actually kept up on my strict repayment schedule.  It is the knowledge that I have to write one of these every once in a while, that reminds me of the goals that I have made for myself.



  1. I think you meant to put 08/01/2008 for that first date.

    congrats on the progress on your CC debt, and good luck with the cash hoarding!

    • Dan,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I don't really share this info with anyone in my life so its nice to bea ble to do it on here.


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