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My Journey to Millions Around the Web 3-14-11

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In the past I never highlighted those bloggers who were cool enough to include my posts to be part of their round up or blog carnival and that is just unacceptable! So every Sunday I am going to bring them to your attention in the hopes that some of my readers will head over to their site or follow them on Twitter!

  • Squirrelers (@Squirrelers) included my post about purchasing life insurance on my child as an Editors’ Choice in the 96th Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories
  • MoneyBeagle (@moneybeagle) included my post telling people that if it is ok to want things just don’t try to justify at the 299th Edition of Festival of Frugality
  • Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey (@BlogmyMoney) included my post about how much money I am saving by having a kid as an Editors’ Choice in the 9th Edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival
  • Craig from @FreeFromBroke and Darwin from @EveryDayFinance included my post about What I Need to Bring to Meet my CPA in their weekly round ups, Perkstreet’s Promotion and Winning (I guess Darwin has Tigerblood, Hell Yeah)!
  • The Dividend Guy Blog included my post about Updating my Dividend Portfolio in his weekly mailings
  • DoNotWait included my post giving 5 Common Tax Mistakes in his Yakezie Challenge Round up

If I have missed you please contact me and let me know!



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