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My Birthday

by My Journey to Millions

Not sure if this blows up my spot – but it is my birthday today! Happy Birthday to me.


After checking the blog today, I thought to myself what a sh!tty bday post to myself.  As such, we need to update some stuff as a sort of time capsel for myself to check come next year.

Personal Life:

At the ripe old age of 26 I got married to a wonder woman, that I respectfully refer to as The Wife on here.  We own a great condo that is more or less ran by my 4 pound dog.  Yes, I have a 4 pound dog – it is gay as hell but I love the damn thing.  This time next year I’d like to be on my way to starting a full family (i.e. kid).  Not sure what that means right now, either trying or going towards having a kid.  Scary as shit to write that.  Along with that I would like to be at the very beginning of looking for a new, bigger place.  The Wife works from home (which helps in the first goal above lol) and her parents don’t live near us, so it is only fair that we have the room for an office, a child’s bedroom, and room for her parents to stay.

Professional Life:

I am currently with a great company, doing work that I love.  I can’t complain here at all.  This year, I have passed my Series 6, Series 63, Life/Accident/Health Insurance Sales.  For personal reasons I have yet to get admitted to the New York State Bar despite passing that horrible test! So my goal before I turn the big 2-8 is to stop being an idiot and get admitted.

Personal Finance Life:


After making the conscious decision to get rid of debt, The Wife and I are down over 15%!

CARD 1-Aug 10-Nov
CitiCard #1 141.99 0
Discover 1758.3 0
CitiCard #2 7797 7400
Bank of America (VISA) 1344.97 1552.89
Juniper 0 0
Discover 4979.02 4636.09
American Express 0 0
Discover #2 862.7 767.99
Totals 16883.98 14356.97

Barring any mass disaster in my life, I want all consumer debt down to ZERO way before my next birthday.  This is not a crazy goal, hell, I think we are going to be rid of it by the end of the first quarter if we get a few good bonuses and a sick tax refund.  Even without those this debt will be gone before my next birthday.


I have become more and more obsessed with additional streams of income.  As of today, I have no concernable streams of income besides my job and that scares the sh!t out of me.  So a goal for next year would be to figure something out for this problem and quick.

Well this is my new Birthday post to myself, I think it is much better!

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