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Thinking about all the Jobs I have had throughout my Life

by My Journey to Millions

I was listening to comedian Jim Norton on Opie and Anthony talk about his days working at Pergament which was a home improvement store in the New York / New Jersey area, and it got me to thinking what jobs I have I had in the past? I tried to put this in chronological order, but I am sure I messed up some where considering the times seem to overlap (and I am getting old):

  • Mother’s Helper / Babysitter for a family friend who had a child with special needs.
  • Early internet entrepreneur (not very proud of this one)
  • Stock boy in a rug store moving and carrying rugs – I must have been 15 or 16 and I remember a 24 or 25 year old Jamaican guy who used to tell me he was only working to save a bit of cash before he could move and be a Rastafarian…I haven’t thought about it in years but wonder if he ever got to live out his dream.
  • Life guard at a small pool – Obviously summer gig
  • Low level employee at Trader Joes – Not a bad place to work! I hated the Hawaiian shirts they used to make us wear they were so cheesy.
  • Life guard at a much larger town pool – Summer after Senior year of HS and I think summer after first year of College
  • Telemarketer selling Magazines – This was during my first year of college…I remember because I was pledging at the time falling asleep on the phones.  I was shocked how good I was at it but the company went under.
  • Christmas Stock boy at Victoria’s Secret – Might have been my favorite job ever.  I literally got sexually harassed everyday.
  • Life guard at the college pool
  • Cold Caller for Software Company – Idiots would put 4 or 5 fraternity brothers on a different floor than the rest of the company.  It was ridiculous
  • Low Level Employee at Vitamin Shoppe – Had to leave when I figured out I wanted to go to law school, but had absolutely nothing on my resume to facilitate that.
  • Low level Employee at a very prestigious law firm – Helped me get into law school.  Worked my first year of law school (almost unheard of but I needed the money)
  • Clerked for a couple different practitioners (some closed shop, some were just there for the summer).
  • Law Clerk for the “Law Department” at a District Court – Hated and Loved this position.
  • Summer after my Second Year of Law School – Split my time between driving 40 and 100 miles everyday!
  • I was clerking for the Court that handles trusts and estates in New York (Surrogate’s Court) – LOVED THIS POSITION
  • At the same time I was a clerk for small town judge – LOVED THIS POSITION ALSO. I got to actually write decisions and the judge took a real liking to me.
  • Law Clerk for Liberty Mutual my last year of law school – Great job, but it was just that a job since they didn’t have the need for an associate and at that point I had graduated law school.
  • Associate at a defense insurance firm – Was not a fan of this job at all.  The hours were not worth the pay, and the partner there while a REALLY nice guy had some very different priorities when it came to work/life balance.
  • Current Job – Been here for the past 6 years next week.

I am sure I had to have missed one or two or messed up the order during college.  It is funny to think about, but I literally always worked.  Sure, there were times when I was out of work, but there hasn’t been a time since I was about 14 or 15 that I didn’t have or was looking for a job.  I remember thinking in college how bullshit it was when someone said they didn’t have time to work.  You are in class for maybe 15 hours per week add another 10 for studying…what else are you doing? Besides getting in trouble.  Law school was a bit tough to work that first semester, but I started back up the second semester.

Is your employment history as random as mine?

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krantcents 04/25/2013 - 1:54 pm

Maybe! I am working on my 7th career! My former 6 careers had a lot in common, all business oriented. I learned something from every career. I think I am still learning.

Evan 04/29/2013 - 2:26 pm

You are teaching now, right? What were the other 6?

Kris 04/27/2013 - 10:28 pm

Mine aren’t very random at all. Payroll person and secretary through high school and college. Oh, worked at a candy factory in a really scary area that would get robbed. Worked with some really unusual individuals at that job. Interned in the finance dept for a few summers. Did computer programming for most of my career (when I wasn’t solely a stay at home mom). My husband and I just started our own company, which is why I had gone missing for a while.

I think out of your jobs, the cold calling would have been the WORST!

Evan 04/29/2013 - 2:28 pm

Cold calling wasn’t too terrible because he didn’t lead to anything more. If I were rejected I was 19 and another person would show up on the phone (it was an automated system). I wasn’t building a book of business or anything like that – purely transactional.

Plus I was getting a very nice hourly salary!

Actually, I didn’t really hate any of the jobs listed.


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