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Investing in yourself — 3 exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career

Optimising your personal finances in order to feel secure and stable is a lifelong process that involves elements of trial and error.

And good financial housekeeping helps you convert dimes to dollars no matter your choice of careers.

But apart from investing wisely and being thrifty, there are other ways that help you hit your targets.

When you want to invest in yourself, here are three exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career.

  1. Sports socialising

If you don’t find trying to launch a small spherical object for hundreds of yards into a tiny hole infinitely frustrating, golf can still be a great way to network.

The sport’s tried to shed its slightly stuffy image over the past few years to attract younger players, so the membership of many modern clubs is more balanced and the social scene opens up a range of business networking opportunities.

But if golf’s not your bag, football can help you score moneymaking networking goals — for instance, joining a Manchester United supporters club from a choice of 200 in 50 nations allows you to bond with fellow fans as you catch the latest match — and build brilliant business connections.

Larger clubs have huge worldwide fanbases, but supporting a local team can also be beneficial for business — when you’re new to an area it allows you to meet the public and potential collaborators.

  1. Fitness

A healthy body complements a healthy mind — which empowers personal investment savvy.

There’s a mountain of evidence supporting claims that exercise aids sleep, improves memory and facilitates concentration and focus.

So exercising like the world’s top business moguls is a sensible step towards becoming successful in all aspects of life.

Famous faces like Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban and Richard Branson swear by fitness as one of the best ways to boost productivity, de-stress and make better decisions.

  1. Education

In theory, boosting your income through grabbing a promotion, switching careers or starting a side business should be some of the simpler ways of improving your finances.

And achieving a new academic qualification is a great way of upskilling to achieve this aim — but full-time campus-based studies might seem fanciful when you’ve got bills to pay and family commitments.

Taking an online degree with Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning is an ideal solution — you can grab an enterprise-focused MBA or accredited project management course while studying as and when it suits you.

Studying part-time means it’ll take a little longer to graduate, but you can still earn a life-enhancing qualification in a couple of years, depending on the course.

And a bonus benefit is you’ll make contact with clever classmates from around the world who could become future business partners or informal mentors.

So there are three exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career — investing in yourself might be the best money move you make.

How does your lifestyle regime boost your finances? Share your tips in the comments section.



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