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I Created a New Blog for the Wife

by My Journey to Millions

The Wife

Sorry about the lack of post tonight, but I had two wakes in one week! The one I went to tonight, my father kept introducing me as the middle son-lawyer (my parents have 3). I always find it very weird, that my parents always introduce me by my chosen education/profession.

Regardless, when I got back my wife told me she wanted her very own blog…so her computer-geek husband had to set one up. I explained that I can set up wordpress and get her writing…my sense of design is miserable and I can’t really edit code that well. My point? That if you want a blog for personal reasons? to keep you accountable? etc. THEN START ONE TODAY!

Cost of Starting A Blog

All in it cost me $47 bucks to get the wife up and running for free domain name, and a year of hosting.

I was able to press literally 2 buttons and had wordpress installed and up and running for the wife.  If you are into personal finance blogs (which I hope you are considering you are reading mine) then check out Cash Money Life’s Series on Starting a blog – Introduction HERE.

She has no posts yet, but the Wife’s blog is going to be personal in nature where she can share her pictures and thoughts. If you want to check it out and send her some love go for it at After the Alter.

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