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I Can’t Believe I Have Been Blogging for 5 Years!

August 5th came and went without me even thinking about the fact that I it is the anniversary of when I started this little site! It is weird to think about how engrained this site has become in my life…it is just something I “do.”  I was so oblivious that the date was coming up that I wrote a post that would be perfect about how my financial life has changed about a month and a half ago.  Wow that would have been perfect lol!

Instead I decided on continuing the list I created last year about my favorite posts throughout the years:

Favorite Posts from 2008

Favorite Posts from 2009

Favorite Posts from 2010

Favorite Posts of 2011

Favorite Posts of 2012

We are only halfway through the year but here are some of my favorite year to date:

It is interesting to me that my favorite posts have little to do with me or even estate/insurance planning, but rather about shit I don’t get in this world!

Hopefully, here is to another year!



  1. 5 years is definitely an achievement. Nice work Evan and now I have a lot of posts to go look at! Keep it up….


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