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How to make sure your money is secure online

We always want to make sure that we are safe. Whether we are out at a park, a nightclub or at a theme park. We expect there to be proper procedures in place to protect our safety. We do not expect there to be negligent security or any other threats to our safety. This is also true of our online activity. We expect our information and our money to be kept safe by sites in which we entrust it to.

Online hacking is on the rise and it is becoming more important than ever to keep safe online. Especially when so much information and our money can be vulnerable. With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that your money is safe. 

Avoid suspicious websites

If a website is poorly designed or has lots of pop-ups, then consider that it might not be safe. Some websites will try and take your information to take money from you. Look at clues, including the URL. If you are unsure do a quick google search of the name of the website, you should be able to find out if it is trustworthy. 

Be wary of emails from people you don’t know

Another common trick is hacking your information through emails. If you receive a suspicious-looking email do not click on the link or download an attachment. You can find out how to spot an untrustworthy email here

Use strong passwords

Use strong passwords and make them different across different platforms. If someone hacks into one account and learns your password, they may then try and use this on different platforms. At the very least make sure the password to your PayPal or banking app is unique. 

Never disclose your social security number

Legitimate businesses will rarely ask for your social security number, so this could be a sign of someone trying to take your information. 

If you are contacted by your bank and they ask for your social security or you have any other concerns, then contact them separately. If you are asked over the phone for example, then hang up and call your bank directly.

Use credit cards

Credit cards often have protection against fraud and you are more likely to get your money back if something does happen. 

Beware of public Wi-Fi

When using public Wi-Fi don’t log in to your banking, PayPal or pay for anything online. Public Wi-Fi is notoriously easy to hack, and people use it to get people’s information. So, when using a Wi-Fi that is not password protected be aware of your activity. 

Keep track of your statements

Perhaps most importantly, keep track of your banking statements. If you see anything unfamiliar to you then notify your bank straight away. The quicker they learn of any suspicious behaviour the more likely it is that they can stop it and the more likely it is that you will get any money back which you have lost. 

Some fraudsters may take out small amounts of money frequently over a long period of time, to stop you from noticing. Download the banking app to your phone so you can track payments.



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