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How to get money quickly for your business or investment?

A lot of us have been there before.  We need money for our business or an investment and don’t have the capital to turn to.  This can often be a problem because we don’t want to miss out on a great investment opportunity, but what can we do?

There are a few options, and this article will explain the different options.

First, what stuff you can sell immediately?  eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist is one thing you can do and that can get you money immediately.  Many times you can look around your house quickly and see tons of junk you can sell. If you have baby clothes, there are people who are interested in buying them.

Secondly, who can you borrow money from?  Friends? Family? Neighbors? The thing is, if you do any of those be sure to realize that when you get friends, family, relatives, or other people involved a relationship can be hurt if money is involved.

One option is to see what type of loans you can get.  There are a lot of options you can do to borrow. One option is to call Family Title Loans to see if you can borrow money against a car.  These generally have higher interest rate lows and are designed for short-term emergencies.

A home equity line of credit is one thing that can be done to help you get money quickly.  Or a mortgage refinance. You can pull money out, or you can refinance high interest bills (like credit cards) into refinancing a mortgage and free up monthly cash flow. Consumers is a great resource for reviews of lender providers.

Sometimes, you may qualify for a small business loan if you are interested in buying a business.  And sometimes there are options for people to buy properties if you are a veteran or have other scenarios.

Finally, if you need money you can also check out sites where you can borrow money from like Prosper or Lending Club.  These sites can loan you money, but as always your credit score will determine how much the money costs to borrow.

Whatever the case, sometimes the best investment you can make is in education.  The public library has dozens, if not hundreds of books you can use to learn about investing, real estate, marketing, sales, construction, finance and more.  Once you add the internet into the mix you have literally an unlimited amount of information to study. Many Universities put their courses online for free, even Ivy League schools.  In conclusion, if you need money fast you may want to borrow it, but sometimes investing in yourself is the best option.



  1. For businesses, it is next to impossible to obtain a loan without adequate collateral other credit assurances. If you are a business with high-margins or significant operating cash flow, there are businesses out there who will lend you money and fix your repayment based on a percentage of your margin or cash collections.

    The repayments ebbs and flows with your business so that anyone particular bad cycle doesn’t put your business in jeopardy.


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