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How to Get Help during a Financial Emergency

by My Journey to Millions

Everyone should be budgeting and planning their finances.  Within your planning and budgeting of your finances, you should create an financial emergency fund to help with any unexpected emergencies that arise in your life.  However, if you aren’t doing this, we have created this list of the best options that can help you, when you need help with a financial emergency!

The web can be a top place for financial help as a last resort, because of how big it is, and how many options there are on it.  As a last resort for short-term financial help there is the very popular cash advances online.   When using cash advances, make sure that they are only used as a last resort for financial help.  However, there are better options to try use before having to turn to cash advances on the web for emergency financial help!

There are good options that should be used if you are in need of emergency financial help!  This help can come from a few different sources that won’t break your bank account.  These options are cheaper than cash advances online or overdrafts from the bank, and that is why they are a good source for emergency financial help.  We have put together the best options to use when you are in need of financial help when an emergency has appeared!

Top Options to Use for Help during a Financial Emergency:

  • Ask a Family or Friend for a Loan – You should ask friends or family for help during a financial problem first. Typically, you can get financial help, and only have to pay back what you borrowed.  Sometimes you can even get money for free, and don’t ever have to pay anything back!  Finally, you might have to pay a much smaller fee than a cash advance on the web.
  • Use a Credit Card – Credit cards are typically cheaper than cash advances online, and give you a longer time to pay them back.
  • Crowd Funding – A new source for financial help is crowd funding which is cheaper and offer longer terms typically than cash advances online.
  • income tax early loans – Use your tax refund to help with any financial emergency that may arise.  You can get a tax refund advance to get the cash right away to help with any financial emergency.

These options above should be used as a first option when getting help for a financial emergency if you do not have an emergency fund set aside.  These options are the cheapest and best options to go with for quick financial help that won’t break your bank account and cause additional financial problems.  Budgeting & planning your finances including an emergency fund is the best way to get, however sometimes this doesn’t happen, and that is why we have created this list of the best options for getting help during a financial emergency. So if you have no other option during a financial crisis, and need help in the short-term, check out our list above for the best options to get help during a financial emergency when you have no emergency financial fund set aside!

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